Innova Flexo: SOLIDWORKS consultancy services

Flexo is the new “on-demand” consultancy services offer for Innova Systems customers.

What is Innova Flexo?

Flexo is the new on-demand SOLIDWORKS consultancy service for Innova Systems customers that require bespoke assistance not covered by our annual subscription service.

Flexo Credits can be purchased from Innova Systems for £135 per credit and are valid for one year from the date of purchase. Each credit can be exchanged for one hour of consultancy from our engineers for the services detailed below.

If you haven’t spoken to us, or are unsure how many credits you need, please call us now on 01223 200690 to discuss your requirements.

SOLIDWORKS consultancy services from Innova Systems.

Our team of SOLIDWORKS experts are ready to assist you with:

Coaching, or Micro-training: This covers time spent teaching you how to use the tools and functionality available in SOLIDWORKS. This is supplementary to our full, official SOLIDWORKS training courses.

Consulting & methodologies: We’ll bring our expertise and experience to your working environment. Our team can set up your project, define specific working rules or create new document templates.

Development & Automation: You can save a lot of time by automating day to day SOLIDWORKS tasks. Our team can develop new automated processes that you can put to use straight away.

Get in touch with us on 01223 200699 to discuss your requirements.

What isn't included with Innova Flexo?

Although the Innova Flexo offering covers a lot of different eventualities there are a few things we can’t provide. These are as follows:

Official SOLIDWORKS training courses

To see a full list of our official SOLIDWORKS training courses, please visit our training page here.

Any activity that requires a project manager

Innova Flexo credits can only be used for one off, bespoke projects that can be completed within the purchased time. We do not offer a project management service as part of this offering.

Programming/development with source code maintenance

Innova Flexo credits can only be used for one off, bespoke projects that can be completed in the purchased time.  As such, we are unable to undertake programming/development that requires source code maintenance by us.

Jobs undertaken outside of our standard working hours

The Innova Systems team are available to complete your bespoke Flexo project Monday to Friday, 08:30 am – 5:30 pm.

Activities requiring travel to and from your location

Our experts will complete your job remotely contacting you as required. Travel is not covered by the purchase of Flexo Credits.

To discuss or buy Flexo Credits, please call 01223 200699, or send us a message below.

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    Terms and conditions: The contract is underwritten by the customer for a period of one year from the date of signature. Tickets not consumed on the due date of the contract are not renewed. Innova Systems can decide to stop any activities or deliveries provided in the following contract in case of late payment by the customer. This can not be considered as a termination of the contract by Innova Systems, or as a way to open any right to compensation for the customer.