Meet Precise PLA for Markforged 3D Printers

Daniel Lazier explains why this new material is such a game changer and why it enables users on the Digital Forge to create colourful prototypes to end use 3D printed parts all on the same platform.

Innova Systems are pleased to announce the addition of Precise PLA to our Markforged 3D Printer materials portfolio. It is now even easier to prototype, create custom tooling, and fabricate end-use parts all on one platform!

What is Precise PLA?

Precise PLA is a lower cost filament designed specifically for rapid prototyping applications, so you can quickly — and easily — fine-tune your part designs before final implementation. At 1/3 the price point of Onyx, Precise PLA is the ideal material for prototyping and printing low-performance parts.

One single platform – The Digital Forge

Precise PLA lets you go from concept to production all on the same platform. The Digital Forge is now able to address ALL stages of your product development, including Precise PLA for initial concepts and metals and fiber-reinforced composites for high-strength end-use parts.

Precise PLA vs. Onyx & Continuous Fiber

We anticipate many engineers and designers will first prototype designs using Precise PLA and then move into the production version using Onyx reinforced with continuous carbon fiber.

Precise PLA is a more cost-effective option for prototypes, fit checks, or any other applications that don’t need the enhanced mechanical properties of Onyx and/or continuous fiber. Additionally, the distinct colours can enhance usability and safety of shop tools and fixtures by facilitating communicative colour codes.

The proof is in the (3D) Printing…

Commenting on Precise PLA, early tester, President and CEO of Zero Tolerence LLC, Steve Michon, said:

“Printing parts to the size and quality we need, with the required functionality at a great price point is critical for our business. With this new material, we can now utilise our Markforged 3D Printer to deliver great results repeatedly throughout the entire design and manufacturing process. This is the most reliable additive platform we’ve ever used. It just works.”


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