SOLIDWORKS on a mac using Parallels

SOLIDWORKS on a Mac? Yes we can!

Good news for users who wish to run SOLIDWORKS on a Mac. We have now tried and tested a configuration that works really well! Our Technical Director, Ed Hawkins talks about his current Mac set up…

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Hitachi 800 801 commuter train

Planes, trains and…bicycles?

At Innova Systems, we are always amazed at how much influence design and particularly SOLIDWORKS as a design tool has on our lives, so we were interested to read how the design of the new family of Class 800 series trains from Hitachi – which constitute a step change in improved capacity, reliability and reduced environmental impact has been touched by SOLIDWORKS.

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Drones: Not Just for the Sky Anymore

Everyone is talking about drones. Privacy advocates are concerned that drones will become an extension of “Big Brother.” Governments are reviewing drone legislation. Amazon, most famously, is looking into drones for deliveries.

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Voted Number one in Europe for Customer Satisfaction

For the second time, Innova Systems has gained recognition from SOLIDWORKS Corporation in achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction in Northern Europe. Innova Systems were recognized at the SOLIDWORKS World Conference in Phoenix, during the annual gathering of some 5,500 customers, Resellers and Partners.

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SOLIDWORKS helps Coalesce Product Development

Cambridge has a rich heritage of hi-tech start-up companies, so it was a natural step for a group of experienced, independent designers to ‘coalesce’ into a new product development company here back in 2009. Choosing a name was the easy part.

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sky crane

Top 10 Engineering Advancements of the 21st Century

The millenium’s inaugural years have ushered forth a momentum of discovery and creation that will set a new pace for decades to come. From the growth of communication networks that instantaneously link ideas, to the newfound understanding of physical science, mankind has achieved an understanding that establishes a foundation for future advancements.

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