3DEXPERIENCE Connector for SOLIDWORKS tutorial

In this video guide, 3DEXPERIENCE Works expert, Lucy Davies, shows you how to get up and running using the Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS role…

In this video we’ll take a look at how to connect SOLIDWORKS to 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud.

[Video transcript]

In this video we will take a look at how we can connect SOLIDWORKS to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform using the Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS role.

The Collaborative Designer role and the Design with SOLIDWORKS app, are for users that want to connect their existing SOLIDWORKS CAD license to 3DEXPERIENCE. For users who want to use the traditional 3D design capabilities, which we all know and love, combined with intuitive data management on the cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.

It also acts as a gateway to utilising our SOLIDWORKS designs in any other role available in the vast 3DEXPERIENCE portfolio. 3DEXPERIENCE and SOLIDWORKS offer us a complete, unified solution.

We begin by opening SOLIDWORKS using our normal desktop shortcut. SOLIDWORKS is still the same installation we know, with the addition of the 3DEXPERIENCE add-in in the task pane. This is licensed and installed through the Design with SOLIDWORKS app, a 3DEXPERIENCE Native application.

SOLIDWORKS behaves the same, with all of its familiar tools, features and additional add-ins. But now, with the added capability of 3DEXPERIENCE.

We can open up existing files from our current, local library.

When it’s time to save, we have the flexibility to save locally to our machine and to continue using SOLIDWORKS as we always have.

But the benefit of using the Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS role is the addition of the MySession tab. The gateway to 3DEXPERIENCE and comprehensive, collaborative cloud data management.

Backing up to the cloud is easy, with just one click.

This tab in the task pane keeps track of the status of our files. We quickly know what is new, latest, modified or out of date.

To work on the main assembly file, we will lock it.

This gives us write access over the file, avoiding accidental overwrites. However, allows other users to still work on individual parts.

An additional tab is also added to the Feature Tree for ease of using 3DEXPERIENCE operations and reviewing 3DEXPERIENCE information.

As you can see, 3DEXPERIENCE will manage our standard libraries for us. Toolbox items and custom hardware are configured to automatically catalog and release items.

Switching over to the Bookmark tab in my session allows us to access the content in any of these online libraries.

We can also initiate a search for items stored in the cloud. Most document types can be previewed interactively within the SolidWorks task pane. No need to launch external viewing apps.

Before quickly inserting them in to our current assembly using a drag and drop.

Any modifications are saved as new revisions inside the Save with Options dialog. Only the files that need updating in 3DEXPERIENCE are saved, which reduces our overall save time.

It Is easy to see which is the latest, greatest version of our data.

After making changes to our assembly, we can easily find and open the related drawing, even though it has a different name.

All of our references are maintained using 3DEXPERIENCE, despite their file names.

We now move on to out of the box lifecycle operations for the opened documents. We can set the maturity of the related files to released.

All of this has been done within SOLIDWORKS. For SOLIDWORKS users like us, I never have to leave my familiar interface.

But the benefits of 3DEXPERIENCE cloud data management mean I can view my files in my browser from anywhere on any device with an internet connection.

Here we can see some of our customised dashboards, full of our favourite app widgets and project information.

So, to summarise:

The Collaborative Designer role creates a fully collaborative SOLIDWORKS installation with built in data management tools, connected to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Helping us to make informed decisions using real time information.

The Design with SOLIDWORKS app adds a convenient add-in to the task pane. Make use of a traditional or existing installation with the benefit of 3DEXPERIENCE at any time due to its flexible licensing.

We can make use of traditional tools and features and are able to save locally where needed.

The 3DEXPERIENCE Platform provides flexible cloud storage for our files, with easy-to-use search and easy to access libraries.

Our files can be stored in a revision controlled, secure workflow that can be managed, anywhere on any device.

Out of the box cloud data management from 3DEXPERIENCE will enable your team to be productive right away.  Store data, manage changes, and design concurrently …all without ever leaving your familiar SolidWorks design environment.

Thank you for watching!