Best of 2015: SOLIDWORKS, hints, tips, videos and more

New year, new SOLIDWORKS! Take a look at our best and most popular website articles, tips and tricks from the past year…

baxter42015 was a busy year for the Innova Systems team. We had plenty of customer success stories to report, there was a new and improved version of SOLIDWORKS to explore and plenty of CAD-hungry designers to train! Now the dust has settled, let’s take a look at our best and most popular content from the past year.

SOLIDWORKS 2016 was released on the 28th October 2015 and we held a number of successful customer days where our technical team walked users through the new features and improvements in the new version of the software. Take a look at the full video presentation and see what the latest SOLIDWORKS release has to offer.

2015 saw a lot of interest in the new Microsoft operating system release, Windows 10. Our Technical Manager, Ed Hawkins, installed SOLIDWORKS and talked about his favourite new features from an Engineer’s perspective. Read more about Windows 10 SOLIDWORKS compatibility here

The team were excited to hear Ed had also worked out a way to get SOLIDWORKS working on his Apple Mac Laptop running OSX. We’d heard various stories about people running SOLIDWORKS on Apple Mac’s before,  but we’d also heard the horror stories about instability and performance issues. We were amazed by Ed’s smooth-running demonstration to the Innova team. Read more about the process here

Also software related – we became aware that a some SOLIDWORKS users had issues after installing Windows update kb3072630. The Innova technical team had a solution. Take a look at the step-by-step fix here

Ever wondered what the recommended PC hardware for SOLIDWORKS is? Look no further. We showed you what you needed to get SOLIDWORKS 2016 running smoothly and efficiently in 2015 and beyond: Read the blog post.

2015 was a busy year for our customers too
EDBRO50 Tipper

Innova Systems work with  over a thousand successful companies large and small across a broad range of industries. We like to think of each company as an ongoing partnership, not just someone to sell software to. One such customer is Edbro, who are now in their hundredth year! Back in September, we took a look at how they have found success developing and manufacturing hydraulic tipping hoists using SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD, SOLIDWORKS Simulation and SOLIDWORKS PDM software. Read the full story here

Flying high last year were another of our customers, e-Go aeroplanes. We went along to their hangar to find out what they had to say about their exciting new plane, designed in SOLIDWORKS. Watch the video here

Big congratulations were in order for packaging and processing experts and Innova Systems customer, Pacepacker, who scooped two PPMA Group Industry Awards. Well done all!

CNC machining and wire erosion specialist, Lynar Engineering, went from strength to strength in 2015, thanks to SOLIDWORKS and Innova Systems. Of particular interest was a case study of a tooling update for Trucklite. Take a look at the case study here.

To find out more about how Innova Systems customers are benefitting from using SOLIDWORKS in your industry, take a look at our customer success stories here.

Innova Systems Twitter

Exclusive SOLIDWORKS tips for Twitter followers

Innova Systems are known for helping users get the most out of SOLIDWORKS. Did you know we regularly post time saving SOLIDWORKS tips and tricks to our Twitter followers? Here’s a small selection of popular tech tips from 2015:

  • To easily rotate components at assembly level, simply right click and drag!
  • Struggling to fully define that sketch? Just right click and select “fully define sketch” – Job done!
  • When using ‘Select other’ -right click faces to hide – making it easier to get the face you want
  • You can bring up a magnifying glass at any time in SOLIDWORKS by pressing the ‘G’ key
  • How to move an entity (in sketch) – hold CTRL and drag, then release CTRL SOLIDWORKS
  • When using ‘Select other’ – right click faces to hide – making it easier to get the face you want

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