Point of sale

Find out how SOLIDWORKS has helped companies design faster, smarter and stay ahead of the competition.

SOLIDWORKS in the Point of sale industry.

The challenge:

Companies who design point of sale displays in the current competitive market are seeing more accurate and timely designs as a result of their investment in SOLIDWORKS. It is an intuitive yet powerful 3D CAD software package that allows you to quickly create designs that can be easily edited and shared.

The solution:

You can create incredible and accurate visualisations for internal and external communications using SOLIDWORKS Visualize. Easily import your photographic/illustrative work directly into SOLIDWORKS. Model surfaces and create shop floor walkarounds using SOLIDWORKS animation.

Video: Designing a display unit in SOLIDWORKS

Faster, smarter design

SOLIDWORKS creates a 2D manufacturing drawing automatically while you create your 3D model (and vice-versa). Save time & beat competitors.

Quicker quotes

Use automatic bill of materials functionality (BOM) to quote client jobs quickly and accurately. Don’t waste time working it all out by hand!

Create more in less time

Quickly create product variations using an extensive SOLIDWORKS library of materials, surface colours and textures. Rapid exporting for manufacturing (laser CNC/CAM packages etc).

Amazing visualisations

Create incredible lifelike product renders using SOLIDWORKS Visualize. Best of all, everyone in the team can use it, regardless of design experience!

It's easy!

After a five day training course with Innova's award-winning technical team, you’ll be up and running and ready to start being more productive with SOLIDWORKS.

Save money

Now you can identify and fix problems while you design and before your machine is even built.

Customer success story: RTC Europe

RTC Europe’s 900 person global team work with marketing, design, research, sales, operations, procurement and business management professionals.

Customer success story: DisplayPlan

DisplayPlan is part of LPDG; an international group of retail display consultants that focus on delivering brands globally through retail display and fixtures.

SOLIDWORKS success story: Sture Exhibitions & Events AB

Sture Exhibitions & Events AB is a leading Swedish designer and manufacturer of booths and demonstration spaces for use at trade fairs, shows, exhibitions and expos.

Founded more than 70 years ago, the company has established itself as one of the leading suppliers within the trade fair and exhibition industry. It serves as an event partner by designing, building, managing trade shows with a hundred booths or more, and by creating brand interiors, offices, and showrooms.

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How to choose?

How to choose?

Nine criteria for choosing a 3D CAD system whitepaper.

Upgrade to 3D

Upgrade to 3D

Bridging the worlds of 2D and 3D CAD whitepaper.

Design and test

Design and test

3D design and physical testing with SOLIDWORKS.



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What you can expect when you partner with us.

Product support

From the best team in the business – recognised by SOLIDWORKS for having the best customer support in Northern Europe. You’re in safe hands and will be well looked after.


When you call, you’ll get straight through to a Technical Engineer, skilled in SOLIDWORKS and ready and willing to help you with the most simple or the most complex problem.

Software Upgrades

Your annual subscription keeps you connected with our support team. You’ll also be entitled to the latest version of SOLIDWORKS. Staying current means staying productive.


Our Engineers will help you transition from older 2D/3D CAD systems, or even teach you if you are new to 3D Design. Our knowledge and experience really makes a difference.


We can recomend the right hardware to purchase. This vital component underpins your investment in SOLIDWORKS, so it is really important you get the right advice.


Our experience can help you ensure the right implementation plan is defined for your team, ensuring your design and data management needs are met with a rapid return on investment.

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