Critical DraftSight HotFix instructions for Windows 32 & 64 bit

Important news for DraftSight users – A critical hotfix has been released to address booting issues with Draftsight on Windows 32 & 64 bit operating systems. Read on to find out more…

It has come to the attention of the DraftSight team that, due to an expired certificate, Windows* 32 & 64-bit versions of DraftSight released from 2012 to 2017 will not launch and/or will stop running as of March 1, 2017. The DraftSight team have produced a critical hotfix to resolve this issue before that date.

The affected releases are as follows:

Version (Windows 32 & 64 bit) Release Date
DraftSight 2017 SP0 November 2016
DraftSight 2016 SP2 July 2016
DraftSight 2016 SP1 April 2016
DraftSight 2016 SP0 February 2016
DraftSight 2015 SP3 June 2015
DraftSight 2015 SP2 April 2015
DraftSight 2015 SP1 February 2015
DraftSight 2015 SP0 October 2014
DraftSight V1R5.2 July 2014
DraftSight V1R5.1 April 2014
DraftSight V1R5.0 January 2014
DraftSight V1R4.0 October 2013
DraftSight V1R3.2 July 2013
DraftSight V1R3.1 January 2013
DraftSight V1R3.0 November 2012

n.b. Mac and Linux versions of DraftSight (Free and Beta only) do not require this hotfix as they are not affected by the expired certificate.

DraftSight Critical Hotfix installation instructions:

  1. To avoid usage interruption, please click here to download the DraftSight hotfix
  2. Save your work and close the DraftSight application.
  3. Double-click on the hotfix file “DraftSight_HotFix.exe”. The WinZip Self-Extractor appears on the screen
  4. Click Unzip, then click OK in the confirmation box
  5. Click Yes to continue installation
  6. Click OK to complete installation
  7. Reboot your computer to complete the DraftSight  Critical Hotfix.

We hope you found that useful!

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