How SOLIDWORKS is helping Entrepreneurs

We take a look at ten start-ups who are succeeding with the help of FREE SOLIDWORKS licenses from Innova Systems.

Who's using SOLIDWORKS for Entrepreneurs?

SOLIDWORKS is used every day by successful designers and engineers in a huge variety of industries. Now, qualifying start-ups can join them with up to 3 complete SOLIDWORKS software suites free for 12 months when they apply for the SOLIDWORKS for Entrepreneurs scheme from Innova Systems.

We’ve put together a list of ten companies that started their design journey with SOLIDWORKS for Entrepreneurs. Are you next?

Take a look at the list below and make sure to get in touch with us if you’d like to find out more!

Video: How entrepreneurs are succeeding with SOLIDWORKS

The clean air bicycle wheel from Rolloe.

We start our list with an award-winning start-up that recently featured on Channel 5’s, ‘The Gadget Show’.

Rolloe are using SOLIDWORKS to develop a green bicycle wheel that aims to tackle outdoor pollution by utilising the rider’s motion. As the wheel turns, ‘dirty’ air is sucked in and passed through a set of purifying filters, the resulting clean air is then expelled back into the environment. Such a simple, but brilliant idea.

The Rolloe team are aiming to bring the product to market by 2022 and we can’t wait to see the first batch rolling off the production line!

Video: Go Rolloe on The Gadget Show

Handmade bespoke furniture from DAB Chic & Vintage.

Looking for some new furniture, or even a new desk while everyone continues to work from home and your in-house handyman still hasn’t finished building that flat pack from last year?

DAB Chic & Vintage create bespoke furniture, designed in SOLIDWORKS and handcrafted to order. Whatever your style or space, their balance of traditional values and innovative thinking is not something that you’ll come across everyday.

And of course, no flat packs that stay in the box for 6 months!


Sensing devices and network systems from Vortex IoT.

IoT, aka ‘The Internet of Things’, consists of physical objects embedded with sensors, software and other technologies for the purpose of connecting and exchanging data with other systems over the internet.

Vortex IoT design and engineer innovative ‘retro-fit’ IoT solutions. Their clients include some of the biggest in the business, including BT, TATA Steel, Dell, IBM and Network Rail to name a few. These companies rely on Vortex IoT’s expertise and SOLIDWORKS and 3DEXPERIENCE Works ensures that Vortex IoT can design their products to stand up to some of the harshest environments known to man.

The R:Falcon Bird Deterrent from Robop Limited.

The R:Falcon Bird Deterrent from Robop Limited is an autonomous robot modelled on the natural predator of birds; the Peregrine Falcon. Easy to install and maintain, R:Falcon offers a long-term humane and economic solution to a variety of bird pest problems and has a proven track record in some of the worlds most prestigious businesses with installations in 17 countries worldwide

This not-so-welcoming avian predator uses motion and sound to trick birds into thinking they’re in danger of a real Falcon. The R:Falcon guards the roofs of large commercial, public and industrial building structures as well as airfields and sports pitches around the world.


Video: Watch R:Falcon in action

High performance electric & hybrid marine engines from Ecomar Propulsion.

Ecomar Propulsion have revolutionised the marine industry by providing R&D, fabrication and installation services of electric and hybrid propulsion engines.

Whether you are wanting a hybrid or electric engine for workboats, commercial or leisure vessels, Ecomar Propulsion provide them all, ranging from a 30Kw to 120Kw, even special designs for large commercial systems demanding up to 1MWh.


Beautifully designed bespoke staircases from Metal Staircase Co.

Has your staircase seen better days? We think we may have what you’re looking for!

Metal Staircase Co. use cutting edge manufacturing technology and quality materials to create individually designed, modern staircases with that wow factor. Their practical approach combines high-end design with precision engineering, guaranteeing a quality product at an affordable price.

Based on a variety of core designs in SOLIDWORKS, with just the right amount of customisation options, the Metal Staircase Co team will work with you to create the staircase of your dreams.

The Capsule Mini Dishwasher from Loch Electronics.

Let’s face it – Nobody enjoys washing the dishes. That’s why the award-winning team at Loch Electronics have designed and developed the ultra-compact Capsule Mini Dishwasher.

Designed with SOLIDWORKS for Entrepreneurs, The Capsule Mini offers a super-fast 15 minute wash cycle and UV light disinfection. This thing will even wash your potatoes for you with it’s fruit and veg mode!

With its diminutive footprint and modern design aesthetic, The Capsule Mini will fit right into any 1-2 person home, promising to make your life a whole lot easier – and who doesn’t enjoy that?

The Capsule Mini Dishwasher from Loch Electronics

Emission-free air racing from TeamNL.

Team NL’s plane competes in the world’s only all-electric air race and has been designed from the ground-up using SOLIDWORKS for Entrepreneurs.

Just large enough to fit a pilot, this diminutive aircraft is composed of high performance, lightweight composites to ensure the airframe has a low structural weight and minimal aerodynamic drag in order to reach maximum velocity. The propulsion system consists of two motors driving a contra-rotating propeller set, with 150KW of power available at full-throttle. If that doesn’t get your adrenaline pumping, we’re not sure what will!


Design, installation & maintenance of flooring by Courtcraft Ltd.

With hundreds of clients ranging from, Squash clubs, Dance studios, MoD sports facilities and Leisure centres, Manchester-based Courtcraft Ltd offer nationwide coverage and are leading the way in squash court, sports and commercial flooring innovation & technology.

With an accreditation from the World Squash Federation (WSF), Courtcraft’s name has become synonymous with the highest levels of workmanship and experience and taking a look at their portfolio it’s easy to see why.

The low-cost mechanical ventilator from OxVent.

With links to both Oxford University and Kings College London, the OxVent team have developed rapidly manufacturable mechanical ventilator for use in the fight against the COVID-19 virus.

Complex commercial systems are usually expensive and basic open-loop systems often lack sensors, feedback control and alarms. The OxVent, however, fills the gap, providing the high level of performance required for emergency use while offering a truly scalable and affordable solution for cost-conscious healthcare organisations.

Video: The OxVent story

Eligibility criteria for the SOLIDWORKS for Entrepreneurs scheme.

Do the following 5 statements apply to your business?

1)  You must have less than $1 Million in funding and less than $1 Million in aggregate lifetime revenue.
Your product must be a physical product that can be designed and developed in SOLIDWORKS CAD software.
Your product will be manufactured after development.
You must have been in business for less than 3 years.
You are not currently a SOLIDWORKS customer.

If the answer is “yes”, you’re ready to apply for the SOLIDWORKS for Entrepreneurs scheme!

Apply now or get in touch to discuss your requirements with our SOLIDWORKS experts.

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