Lock-M-Out Window Locking Bracket by Lynar Manufacturing

See how Lynar Manufacturing leveraged SOLIDWORKS to create the Lock-M-Out Window Locking bracket.

Established in 1963, Lynar Manufacturing engineer everything from one-off prototypes to fully assembled components, gaining a fantastic reputation for efficiency, quality and reliability along the way.  Their latest design is an innovative window locking system for caravans – the aptly named ‘Lock-M-Out‘.

Lynar Manufacturing chose SOLIDWORKS to enable them to cut costs and streamline the development process, decreasing time to market.  This ensured they were able to meet the high demand Lock-M-Out were experiencing from potential users of the bracket.  The progression tool that was produced can also be adjusted for future new revisions of the product.

For more information on the design and build process, please click here.

You can see the product in action below: