SOLIDWORKS vital for manufacturing at Maximum Precision

Find out how SOLIDWORKS has helped Maximum Precision Ltd to establish a reputation for delivering high quality precision machined components for rapid prototype, first batch and full scale production…

About Maximum Precision Ltd

Founded in 2009 by Gareth Jones and James Butcher, and located near Ely, Cambridgeshire,  Innova Systems customer, Maximum Precision Ltd, have established a reputation for delivering high quality precision machined components for rapid prototype, first batch and full scale production purposes.

The high tech cluster in Cambridge and surrounding areas provides the ideal platform for their team of highly skilled engineers. Equipped with extensive knowledge of specialist manufacturing techniques, the Maximum Precision team are ready to supply the demanding needs of the fast paced technology companies based in the area.

Jason Murfitt, sales manager at Maximum Precision said: “We offer consultations at the Research and Development stage to help develop a product that best meets the requirements for our customers. Furthermore our ever increasing capabilities and capacity enables us to service the needs of our clients whether it is for rapid prototyping, pre-production or volume production”.

SOLIDWORKS implementation

SOLIDWORKS was implemented in 2012 and has proved vital for Maximum Precision, as a large number of design details provided by clients were (and still are) received in SOLIDWORKS native format – without detailed drawings – capturing critical machining information and tolerances as an integral part of the 3D Model. Maximum Precision have to be able to read this data directly, without the need for any translation through IGES or STEP. Prior to SOLIDWORKS, they were using very basic CAD CAM software and they’d surpassed the limitations of what it could do.

“As well as the increasing number of clients sending us native SOLIDWORKS files, some were asking us to help with their design work, right from the beginning”, said Gareth Jones, Managing Director at Maximum Precision, “We were seeing a lot of concept ideas where the customer hadn’t yet been able to turn that into a 3D model or any manufacturing data at all, so we needed something else (other than their old system) and SOLIDWORKS fitted the bill perfectly.

SOLIDWORKS is the most commonly used 3D CAD system at the high tech companies we work with, so we want to promote our services as an integrated part of the customer supply chain. After an initial meeting with Innova Systems, where they showed us our models being manipulated inside the software, it was obvious we could drastically improve our processes, we very quickly knew SOLIDWORKS was the way to go.

Our manufacturing engineers have quickly adapted to SOLIDWORKS; with its straight forward, easy to learn interface working exactly the way those guys think.

One of the great benefits of SOLIDWORKS is the way it’s enabled us to interact with our customers at every stage of the design and manufacturing process. During the design process, for example, we’ve been able to show them exactly what the product is going to look like at each stage and give them an element of flexibility, because we can easily make changes before we get to the critical stage of manufacturing the final product.

With SOLIDWORKS, we get better results and so much quicker than our old methods, without having to produce prototypes and re-manufacture. There’s no doubt SOLIDWORKS has saved Maximum Precision a lot of time and money”.

“SOLIDWORKS has given us a competitive edge and it’s given us the ability to talk the same language with (external) designers. I think using a package like SOLIDWORKS gives customers the faith that you’re investing in good quality software – that you’re using the right tools to do the job”, said James Butcher, Operations Director, Maximum Precision.

Find out more about what James has to say about SOLIDWORKS and Innova Systems in the video below:

Video: Operations Director, James Butcher, discussing how SOLIDWORKS and Innova Systems have helped Maximum Precision.

CNC machining setup

The team at Maximum Precision use a SOLIDWORKS compatible partner product as their Manufacturing System. This software reads SOLIDWORKS data directly for the creation of the CNC programs to drive an array of turning and milling centres.

Maximum Precision are continually investing in the latest equipment including CNC sliding head, turning, and machining centres offering live tooling and up to 7th axis capabilities. Utilising these machines, supplied by leading companies such as Star Micronics, Mills CNC and Hass Automation, allows Maximum Precision to eliminate second operations and reduce time and cost.

Where next for Maximum Precision?

“As a company, we’re continuing to grow rapidly, we’ve seen approximately 30% year on year growth”, said Jones, “part of that continued growth is the fact that more and more of our engineers are getting involved with SOLIDWORKS to help them on the shop floor at the machines and the training and support that we get from Innova Systems is really helping those guys to get the best out of the software”.

A word from Innova Systems MD, Mark Bradford

“Customers in high tech industries require the highest quality products, delivered on time and at the right price. Maximum Precision are a great example of a company who have invested both in machining capacity and design software to ensure they can compete and prosper in the high tech manufacturing sector. We are delighted to be in partnership with the team at Maximum Precision.”

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