Alphacam software

An ideal compliment to SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software, this intelligent and intuitive CAD CAM Software suite is ideal for the demands of woodworking industries.

Alphacam: Professional wood cutting software from Vero.

Fully integrated with SOLIDWORKS, Alphacam is especially suited to the needs of  woodworking design and manufacture companies, providing increased productivity and reliability.

With SOLIDWORKS chosen by many customers for designing furniture, many benefits can be gained by integrating the manufacturing process. We have worked with many customers to prove the combination of SOLIDWORKS and Alphacam can bring exceptional productivity.

  • Alphacam Router – Industry standard for CNC router programming
  • Alphacam Milling – Milling from 2-Axis through to 5-Axis programming
  • Alphacam Stone – Even handles complex 3D stone carvings


Seamless workflow

Seamless workflow

Start your design in SOLIDWORKS, make it using Alphacam

Save time

Save time

With the right tools for the job - SOLIDWORKS for design and Alphacam for manufacture

Effortless accuracy

Effortless accuracy

Accurate drawings, optimised nesting, reports & labelling

Start your design in SOLIDWORKS.

Design smarter, save time

Simple sketch construction in SOLIDWORKS allows you to control overall size with ease. Change one dimension and everything else updates automatically.

Automatic cut lists and 2D drawings

Generate automatic cut lists & BOMs from your designs. Create detailed 2D drawings from your 3D models and add your cut lists. Automatic annotations are also created for you.

Hole detail and library features

Easily add hole sizes and positions to your design using the hole wizard. Set and forget: your dimensions will automatically adjust when you resize corresponding parts. Reuse commonly used cutouts etc with the SOLIDWORKS Library tool.

Get your job production-ready in Alphacam.

Seamless SOLIDWORKS integration

Read in your SOLIDWORKS Models and Assemblies and get straight to work in Alphacam.

Automatic sheet optimisation

Advanced, automated nesting functionality makes setup a breeze. Reduce material waste and save time and money.

Save manufacturing time

Ensure manufacturing goes smoothly with detailed reports featuring panel profiles and nests, BOMs and even automatic labellling functionality.

How it works: Modelling a cabinet in SOLIDWORKS (Step 1).

How SOLIDWORKS Integrates with AlphaCam (Step 2).

Alphacam & SOLIDWORKS success story: A.S.H. Plastics.

A.S.H. Plastics is a leading manufacturer of point of sale and display equipment in the UK and have worked with the likes of  Tescos, Robus and a number of successful design agencies and shopfitting equipment manufacturers.

They’ve expanded their range of CNC machining capabilities, and Alphacam Advanced Router and SOLIDWORKS are integral to its future plans.


Video: A.S.H. Plastics case study