Driveworks is used by engineers, sales teams, distributors and customers to design, engineer and configure to order.

Automatically generate accurate design, manufacturing
and sales documents and files quickly and easily.

From stand-alone seats to company-wide solutions, DriveWorks software can be used to automate your design and sales processes. Used worldwide by many companies to configure “same but different” products, DriveWorks is proven technology that lets you automate repetitive design tasks. DriveWorks automatically generates accurate design, manufacturing and sales documents and files quickly and easily.

Whether you are an engineer looking for a design automation solution or a company wanting to provide product configuration and guided selling for your own teams, distributors, dealers and even customers, DriveWorks software is modular and scalable so you can chose products that suit your needs. Set up and use DriveWorks products to your advantage and at your own pace.

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Automate to save your team valuable design time.

  • Does your company create new designs that are the same but different?
  • Do you have repetitive design tasks that could be automated?
  • Could your products be defined by a set of rules?
  • Do you want to be able to specify custom products and variations easily and accurately?

Companies that automate can save time, enhance product quality, minimise repetitive tasks, reduce the cost of custom designs and liberate Design Engineers to spend time on product innovation and development. Set up and use DriveWorks Solo in the engineering department to generate 3D Designs, detailed manufacturing drawings and quotes for each new order-specific design. Enter new dimensions or order specific details into your own custom forms inside SOLIDWORKS for each variation required. The output is all the information required to manufacture and market product variants.

Give your customers, dealers, distributors and sales team
a configurator to help them quote for and sell more products.

With DriveWorks you can create sales documents such as quotes and covering letters automatically. You can also set up tailored workflows based on who, what and when, once a quote has been accepted you can pass the order straight through to production.

With DriveWorks Pro you can create a custom configurator that anyone can use. Use DriveWorks locally or on the web to configure custom designs quickly and easily. It is ideal for any business involved in order-specific designs. DriveWorks will generate manufacturing drawings, 3D models and sales documents accurately and automatically.

Today’s customers and markets demand ever increasing variation and customisation. Most manufacturers wish they could reap the benefits of mass production where an initial investment in design and engineering can be exploited over time. DriveWorks Pro enables companies to capture design knowledge, rules and experience. This knowledge can be re-used in order to create new variant designs, quickly and cost effectively.