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Moovapps is a suite of professional online applications that help companies like yours to digitise entire operations quickly and easily.

Moovapps was built to address the challenges your business is facing today.

In an increasingly technological world, digitalisation is impacting on and transforming our lives, our ways of consuming and how we work. Consequently, companies have to adapt their business models and put digitalisation at the forefront of their development strategy to focus on:

With over 70 tools available, Moovapps provides solutions for every department in your business, no matter the sector you’re involved in. From sales, to technical, to marketing, HR, and beyond, Moovapps has you covered.

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Supplier relations and communication.

B2B relationships are becoming more and more omni-channel.

Your customers want to approach their suppliers in their own language anytime, anywhere and via every possible means.

When a technical product problem arises, B2B customers and retailers want to raise this quickly and easily. A reference number and online environment give them the opportunity to easily monitor the status of their report.

The question is: How do you manage and process these requests as efficiently as possible?

Moovapps helps to build and maintain relationships.

Improve your after-sales service and increase ROI.

The internet is a powerful medium to reduce the distance between producer, distributor and end customer.

After-sales services, spare parts and consumables have a higher margin than the original machine or equipment, so it’s imperative you have the right tools to deliver maximum ROI.

The challenge is ensuring that your customers can select the right part or relevant service with as little effort as possible. You need to create a channel that instils trust and thus increases the efficiency of after-sales –

Moovapps provides the tools you need giving you proven, measurable return on your investment.

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A satisfied customer is a returning customer...

…but an unhappy customer could potentially have a much greater impact on your business.

When a technical problem arises, customer satisfaction strongly depends on the lead time and the quality of the solution.

The effective and timely planning of these customer-facing activities, including communication about this, is therefore of crucial importance.

Moovapps allows you to get a grip on your technical support services to ensure that every customer is satisfied.

Make your customer experience one to remember.

How Moovapps helps you to improve your customer service proposition.



Create a secure extranet where customers can log help requests and you can manage them effectively. Technical documentation is easy to find and available to everyone 24/7.

Spare parts

Spare parts

Customers and suppliers quickly find the spare parts they need in cut-away 3D drawings. Ordering is simple, as are quote requests and inventory queries.

Tech support

Tech support

Organise the deployment of technicians to customer requests in a digital dashboard for improved planning, communication, cost efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Why Moovapps is perfect for manufacturers.

Parts & consumables

Parts & consumables

When you have many different parts in stock to support a variety of products, efficiency is critical if you want to maximise inventory utilisation. With Moovapps you minimise the interaction between the origin of the customer demand and its fulfilment and you improve communication at the same time.

Support complexity

Support complexity

As your installed base grows, the importance of optimally deploying your support capacity increases. At the same time, it is becoming increasingly difficult to recruit technically qualified employees. Moovapps helps you to keep the lead time of service and repair requests as short as possible.

Brand experience

Brand experience

Your distributors are your representatives in the field, your calling card. When a customer has a negative experience with one of them it reflects on your brand and potential future sales. Empower your distributors with Moovapps Customer Service apps so that they exceed expectations and become customer ambassadors.

Acting proactively

Acting proactively

If maintenance is not carried out or is done too late, the machine with your brand name on could break down with your reputation and potential future sales on the line. Moovapps IIoT has solutions that enable Condition Based Maintenance and even 'machine as a service' services.

System integration

System integration

Maintenance and repair work for customers is not an isolated activity. They require the deployment of personnel and resources, which means that they have an impact on your balance sheet. For the total overview, you want your service application to be perfectly integrated with, for example, your ERP and other business systems. That's why you choose Moovapps.

Unity of communication

Unity of communication

Every contact counts, via every possible channel. To make every new interaction with customers and distributors as relevant as possible, you need an overview of all previous private and community messages, and shared files. Moovapps gives you this information and notifies you of updates to keep you in the loop.

Hundreds of companies around the world trust Moovapps from Visiativ.

  • Bluebus
  • Groupe Accedia
  • Saint Jean
  • Mecalec
  • Fermob

“In a constantly changing world, we needed a reliable partner and robust solution for the longterm. Visiativ and Moovapps were the obvious choice for us”

Bernard Reybier, CEO, Fermob.

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