SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation

Understanding the way your products will perform is critical to reducing development time. SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard is easy to use and becomes a natural extension of your design process without the need for specialist knowledge.

Simulate fluid flow, heat transfer and fluid forces with SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation.

Fully embedded into SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD, the SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation intuitive CFD (computational fluid dynamics) tool enables you to simulate liquid and gas flow in real world conditions, run “what if” scenarios and efficiently analyse the effects of fluid flow, heat transfer and related forces on immersed or surrounding components.

You can compare design variations to make better decisions to create products with superior performance. Driven by engineering goals, SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation enables Product Engineers to use CFD insights for making their technical decision through a concurrent engineering approach. Additional HVAC and Electronic Cooling modules offer dedicated fluid flow simulation tools for detailed analysis.

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Easily perform static calculations.

Linear calculations

Study the interactions of assembly components on screen, before incurring the costs of physical prototypes.

Component level simulation

Simulate components and display all results plots, animation and cross sections.


SOLIDWORKS is a solid modeller. This means that the 3D models have all the features of a physical model, such as volume and mass. Your all-digital design.

Simulate real-world movement of assemblies.

Kinematic analysis

Kinematic analysis studies how your design moves due to forces and motions drivers applied to your assembly. The key results of interest are the assembly range of motion and determining part displacements, velocities, and accelerations.

Dynamic motion analysis

Dynamic motion analysis evaluates the forces generated by movement, as well as the movement itself.

Time-based analysis

In a time-based analysis, external actions occur at a pre-set time irrespective of the assembly motion.

Understand a products performance under repeated loads

Fatigue simulation

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard gives you the tools to simulate, evaluate and improve a part or assembly that must withstand the rigours of daily operation.

Built to last

Evaluate the differences in your system’s performance to varying speeds or frequencies and estimate the design life of your entire product.

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