SOLIDWORKS Sustainability

Reduce your product designs’ environmental impact, ahead of the market with better designed, greener products. With SOLIDWORKS Sustainability, you can meet the growing demand for eco-friendly products.

SOLIDWORKS Sustainability – helping to build a better place to live.

Sustainable design, like quality, time to market, and cost, will soon dictate how engineers approach most every product they develop.

Choosing products based on their carbon footprint will be equally as important as design validation. To stay ahead of the curve, you and your company need to understand sustainable design and how to implement it now.

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Environmental impact

Environmental impact

Analyse the environmental impact of your design while you work.

Life cycle assessment

Life cycle assessment

Ensure your products survive the test of time.



Understanding real-world performance while you design inspires product innovation.

Everything you need to ensure your green credentials.

Life cycle assessment

Kinematic analysis studies how your design moves due to forces and motions drivers applied to your assembly. The key results of interest are the assembly range of motion and determining part displacements, velocities, and accelerations.

Automatic report generation

Dynamic motion analysis evaluates the forces generated by movement, as well as the movement itself.

Environmental impact dashboard

In a time-based analysis, external actions occur at a pre-set time irrespective of the assembly motion.

Also included in SOLIDWORKS Sustainability.

Assembly visualisation

In a time-based analysis, external actions occur at a pre-set time irrespective of the assembly motion.

GaBi environmental database

Ensure the validity and credibility of your environmental impacts assessments by using the worldwide gold standard for environmental impact data, The extensive GaBi Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) database, created by PE INTERNATIONAL.

Material optimisation

Lessen environmental impacts by quickly defining your requirements and by finding alternative materials in the SOLIDWORKS material database.

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