SOLIDWORKS essentials training course.

Duration: 5 days | Classroom based | Price on request.

Expert training on the SOLIDWORKS Essentials.

The SOLIDWORKS Essentials course focuses on developing skills and concepts that underpin the successful use of SOLIDWORKS design software and is designed around a process or task-based approach rather than on individual features and functions.

All the fundamental features of SOLIDWORKS are covered including: 2D sketching, part-modelling, assembly modelling including “bottom-up design” and “dynamic motion”, detail drawing creation for parts and assemblies and associative design changes.

Who is this course aimed at?

The SOLIDWORKS Essentials course is aimed mainly at users new to SOLIDWORKS, but also SOLIDWORKS users who need to be reminded of  modelling techniques and best practices.

At the end of this five day course, you will be able to confidently model parts and assemble them in either a static assembly or mechanism. You will be able to perform some preliminary stress analysis on single parts using Simulation Xpress, be able to produce detailed drawings of parts or assemblies and to annotate them for production purposes.

Before you attend the course…

You’ll be expected to have some mechanical design experience, as well as experience of using the Microsoft Windows® operating systems. We also recommend that you have completed the SOLIDWORKS tutorial included in the software if at all possible.

This course is divided in two complementary parts. The first part mainly focused on modelling parts and assembly creation. The second part looks at using assemblies and creating production drawings. We recommend taking both parts at the same time, but if you wish, we can split your training course to suit you, please let us know if you need to arrange this.

Training schedule.

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