Using the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform for free

Read on to find out what The 3DEXPERIENCE Platform is and what you can do right now without paying a penny…

The 3DEXPERIENCE Platform is an online collaborative environment that can be accessed from any location from any device with internet access. This means no installing of software, no chasing the latest service pack update, all you need to do is login and away you go. The platform allows users to communicate with colleagues, suppliers and customers quickly and easily, all from one central place, so that everyone is kept in the loop.

The 3DEXPERIENCE Platform contains an arsenal of tools, from 3DDrive for storing and sharing files, to 3D modelling and even advanced simulation tools.

These and many more features are available on a subscription basis, but let’s take a look at what’s available with a free 3DEXPERIENCE ID and how we go about creating one.

Creating your 3DEXPERIENCE ID

You first need to visit the 3DEXPERIENCE Website and select “Create your 3DEXPERIENCE ID”, otherwise known as a 3DPassport. You will then be able to fill in some registration details.

3DEXPERIENCE Platform Log in


Following this you will be sent an email asking to verify your email address, simply click on the link in the email to verify.

What’s available with a free 3DEXPERIENCE ID?

Now that you’ve successfully created a 3DPassport, you can now explore what you have available to you.  Shortly after creating an ID, an email will be sent containing a link to the 3DSwym App which is the door to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Here you can access a wide range of communities from DraftSight to the 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS User Community, where you can engage with other users to share knowledge and information on all things SOLIDWORKS.


3DEXPERIENCE Platform Dashboard


From the 3DSywm App, you can start to build up a network of contacts of other users from within the 3DEXPERIENCE community, each user has the ability to add a whole host of information to their profile, from skills and expertise to education and experience, which can be very useful when adding to your list of contacts. Profile and network contact information can be accessed by clicking on the icon next to your name in the top right.


3DEXPERIENCE Platform Profile


One of the great things that a 3DEXPERIENCE user with a free account can do is view files received via a web link. In years gone by if a customer or a supplier wanted to view a model in a 3D environment, one of the only ways was to download and install eDrawings Viewer and then have the files sent to them by the designer. This process was very reliant on the specs of the PC being good enough to view the 3D file. However, the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform now has an alternative 3D viewer called 3DPlay, so all the customer or supplier has to do is click on a web link provided to them by the designer, this will take them to the Platform where they can login and straight away start viewing the model. Importantly, this viewer can be accessed on any device, with no software installation, and no concerns about the device being good enough to view 3D data.

To access more functionality including the ability to store and send files from the 3DDrive, get in touch today for a quote and to see how the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform could enhance your company.


3DEXPERIENCE Platform 3D Data


You are not limited to just simply viewing the model though, you also have a range of functionality from within 3DPlay, these include:

  • Hide/show components
  • Explode
  • Measure
  • Section
  • Annotation commands for markups
  • Adjustment of the Display Style


3DEXPERIENCE Platform 3D Play funtionality

3DEXPERIENCE Platform 3D Play funtionality edit


The ‘Annotation Commands’  3DEXPERIENCE Platform Annotations Command allow you to add text and notes directly onto the 3D model, this can be useful when giving feedback, or expressing changes that may need to be made.


3DEXPERIENCE Platform Annotations    3DEXPERIENCE Platform Annotations box


After any annotations have been made, screenshots can be saved or printed.


3DEXPERIENCE Platform Save annotations


There is an icon 3DEXPERIENCE Platform Download files in the top right of the 3DPlay interface that allows you to download any files that have been shared, which can then be opened with a CAD software if desired.


Another great tool available to anyone with a 3DEXPERIENCE ID is the 3DEXPERIENCE Knowledge Base this is an excellent resource for any user, it contains vast amounts of information and solutions about current and historical problems that you may come up against during day to day use and a lot of general knowledge that has been collated from various sources.


3DEXPERIENCE Platform Knowledge Base

3DEXPERIENCE Platform Knowledge Base Information


As you can see there’s some very useful functionality available to anyone with a 3DEXPERIENCE ID, so go ahead and create one yourself for free and try out some of the features on offer.