What’s new in SOLIDWORKS 2021 (Video)

We’ve put together a short video showcasing a few of the features you need to know about in SOLIDWORKS 2021…

Our online SOLIDWORKS 2021 Launch Events are just around the corner now, so we’ve produced a short video to give you a flavour of what you can expect from the latest and greatest release of everyone’s favourite 3D CAD system.

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What’s new in SOLIDWORKS 2021 video overview

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What’s new in SOLIDWORKS 2021 – Video transcript:

Expanded functionality: Once again SOLIDWORKS have added countless enhancements to expand functionality that will simplify and enhance your workflows.

Performance and reliability has been a key focus this year, optimising pre-existing workflows to work exactly as you’ve always intended them to.

Cloud applications: Connect SOLIDWORKS to the cloud and unlock advanced simulation capabilities or complete design projects on any device with browser-based SOLIDWORKS design apps.

Let’s take a brief look at few key areas:

User interface improvements: Customising the SOLIDWORKS user interface has never been easier, with expanded functionality for customising colours for items like sketches, streamlining the user interface to make your graphics area bigger or adding commands to the S key.

Part design and customisation: Is even faster in SOLIDWORKS 2021 with the new colour picker tool and flush trims for mitres. No more manual rework to achieving the trimming you need – Simply select flush trim from the trim dialog to achieve the desired result!


SOLIDWORKS 2021 promises to speed up your workflow and make your daily tasks easier


Assemblies: Take control of your assemblies with faster performance on opening large and complicated datasets. Have more control over component patterns by synchronising the configurations with a single click. Identify performance sapping circular references with the new circular reference check, and share interference detection results with the new excel output.

Drawings: Performance in drawings in SOLIDWORKS 2021 is dramatically improved with a massive reduction in latency across panning and zooming over previous releases. Edit existing annotations, add crop views, section views and detail views in detailing mode to speed up drawing workflows.

Photorealistic rendering:  SOLIDWORKS Visualize now includes support for configurations and adds a new “toon” shading filter. Improvements are also seen in the workflow for editing appearances, displacement mappings and cut planes.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation: Simulation contacts are now solved much faster with the new gap and stabilisation options, meaning models with slight imperfections can be run more easily. A new mesh diagnostic tool isolates poor elements, and with the mesh helper tool, refinement of meshes is incredibly fast and simple.


New mesh functionality in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2021


SOLIDWORKS PDM: PDM Professional and PDM Standard see a new set of icons for workflow customisation, making workflows easier to understand. The new treehouse view in where used makes it simple to understand the structure of your assemblies, and with a number of performance enhancements to make day to day operations faster, PDM in 2021 is more efficient than ever.

3DEXPERIENCE: With a connection to the cloud based apps from The3DEXPERIENCE platform, SOLIDWORKS offers easy to use cloud-based data management along with collaboration across team members, customers and suppliers.


Get connected to The 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

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