Industrial machinery

Find out how SOLIDWORKS has helped our customers design faster, smarter and stay ahead of the competition.

SOLIDWORKS in the Industrial machinery industry.

The challenge:

Time is money, so you need to make sure your processes are running as efficiently as possible. You need your designs to be right, first time and you need to reduce your time to market. Most of all, you need to be sure your great design ideas translate into the final product.

The solution:

Innova Systems work with a large number of successful companies in the industrial machinery industry who benefit every day using a SOLIDWORKS software solution. Together with the extensive support offered as part of the Innova Systems customer package, SOLIDWORKS increases sales, improves product quality and design and lowers manufacturing costs – Whatever the size of your company.

Video: Meltech Induction Furnaces success story

Faster, smarter design

SOLIDWORKS is very easy to use in a creative environment – you can quickly go from an idea to a functioning product. This results in a much faster delivery of innovative technology.

Software you can trust

Advanced power and analytical tools enable you to further a design to its maximum potential. SOLIDWORKS is stable, obtainable and never stops you from doing what you want to do.

Simulate for success

SOLIDWORKS Simulation helps you predict what might happen to a component when placed under certain stresses such as elevated temperature or weight, allowing fuss-free modifications.

Complex tasks? No problem

SOLIDWORKS allows you to design complex geometry and large amounts of data into your product. You can be sure your design software will perform when working with complex or large designs.


Use eDrawings to share your designs with third parties over email. The best thing is, they don’t need design experience, or an installation of SOLIDWORKS! You can also publish interactive designs on your website.

It's easy!

After a five day training course with our award-winning technical team, you’ll be up and running and ready to start being more productive with SOLIDWORKS.

Customer success story: L.A.C. Conveyors & Automation Ltd

L.A.C. Conveyors & Automation Ltd design, manufacture and install robust conveyors, complete conveyor systems, and provide automation solutions to the UK’s blue-chip industry base, counting companies such as DHL, Hermes and Heinz as clients.

The company has four distinct divisions serving Manufacturing, Logistics, Food & Beverage and Robotics industries. The latter providing bespoke machinery and robotics into the core three divisions.

Watch the video to find out how SOLIDWORKS has helped L.A.C grow from 23 people to almost 90 in just two years…

Video: L.A.C. Conveyors & Automation Ltd success story

Customer success story: Omega Foundry Machinery

Located in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, Omega Foundry Machinery have served the Foundry industry globally since 1984, manufacturing a comprehensive range of machines for the chemically bonded sand sector of the foundry industry as well as bespoke equipment to suit individual customer needs.

Omega’s main design challenges are bespoke machines and the Parametric capability of SOLIDWORKS 3D design allows Omega to make changes to the existing design and get approval from customers quicker than ever before, saving time and money.

Video: Omega Foundry Machinery success story

SOLIDWORKS success story: BigBelly Solar

It’s an unsightly spectacle that’s all-too familiar, bins overflowing with rubbish, littering the landscape from city streets to local beaches with mountains of plastic bottles, newspapers, take-away meal containers and everything in between.

BigBelly used SOLIDWORKS to develop an innovative, smart, connected solution to this problem – The BigBelly Solar Trash Compactor find out more about the story…

Video: BigBelly Smart Waste & Recycling System

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How to choose?

How to choose?

Criteria for choosing a 3d CAD system from Innova Systems.

Data management

Data management

Data migration success: Best practices.

Design and test

Design and test

Integrating 3D mechanical design and analysis with physical testing.

Virtual simulation

Virtual simulation

The value of virtual simulation versus traditional methods.

Suppliers of SOLIDWORKS to over 2,000 happy customers in a broad range of industries.

“Innova Systems and SOLIDWORKS has contributed to the growth of Omega globally.”

Gareth Allwright, Omega Foundry Machinery.

What you can expect when you partner with us.

Product support

From the best team in the business – recognised by SOLIDWORKS for having the best customer support in Northern Europe. You’re in safe hands and will be well looked after.


When you call, you’ll get straight through to a Technical Engineer, skilled in SOLIDWORKS and ready and willing to help you with the most simple or the most complex problem.

Software Upgrades

Your annual subscription keeps you connected with our support team. You’ll also be entitled to the latest version of SOLIDWORKS. Staying current means staying productive.


Our Engineers will help you transition from older 2D/3D CAD systems, or even teach you if you are new to 3D Design. Our knowledge and experience really makes a difference.


We can recomend the right hardware to purchase. This vital component underpins your investment in SOLIDWORKS, so it is really important you get the right advice.


Our experience can help you ensure the right implementation plan is defined for your team, ensuring your design and data management needs are met with a rapid return on investment.

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