SOLIDWORKS: Supporting Omega Foundry Machinery

Find out how SOLIDWORKS software has helped Omega Foundry Machinery provide innovative design solutions to meet challenging customer needs…

Located in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, Omega Foundry Machinery have served the Foundry industry globally since 1984, manufacturing a comprehensive range of machines for the chemically bonded sand sector of the foundry industry as well as bespoke equipment to suit individual customer needs.

Omega has invested in SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD together with SOLIDWORKS Simulation tools, and manages design data by using SOLIDWORKS Product Data Management (PDM). Omega have built a strong partnership with Cambridge-based SOLIDWORKS Reseller Innova Systems.

Omega’s main design challenge is the creation of bespoke machines, often with extremely tight deadlines. The Parametric capability of SOLIDWORKS 3D Design allows Omega to adapt and reuse existing designs, which not only saves time, but money too, not only that, they’re getting approval from customers quicker than ever before.

Omega Foundry Machinery SOLIDWORKS Innova Systems


The benefits of SOLIDWORKS

Omega Design & Project Manager, Gareth Allwright, commented on the benefits of SOLIDWORKS, saying: “We previously used Autocad 2D, which was a nightmare because it meant recreating every view – and then any changes would have to be updated in each view.  With SOLIDWORKS 3D design software, a change in the 3D model design is reflected in all the drawing views, ensuring that all views are up to date.”

He continued by saying “SOLIDWORKS has made it easier for people that don’t have the engineering design background, but the foundry knowledge to visualise the new designs, thus increasing the probability of picking up mistakes in the design prior to testing or manufacture. We can now interface with customers and send out 3D plant or foundry layouts which assists the sales and commercial teams with visualisation.”



Omega use SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional to give them greater control and access to files, documents, drawings including cataloguing the most up-to-date version (revision control) which is critical in a manufacturing environment.  Other key attributes of PDM Professional are provision of secure access, audit management and integrated search.



SOLIDWORKS Simulation is invaluable to Omega when it comes to designing new machines. It allows them to accurately simulate real-world conditions to ensure everything works correctly before they commit to manufacturing. This dramatically reduces Omega’s build/test cycle reducing time spent and, of course, monetary outlay.

Commenting on Omega’s partnership with Innova Systems, Gareth said: “Without the training we would have been lost and their in-house courses on 3D Simulation has certainly opened our eyes to the capabilities of the system.  We soon realised that their Technical Support was essential and has proved to be outstanding and we use it constantly.  Innova Systems and SOLIDWORKS has contributed to the growth of Omega globally.”


Omega Foundry Machinery SOLIDWORKS Innova Systems



To find out more about the latest version of SOLIDWORKS contact Innova Systems on (01223) 200690 or email:

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