Mould, tool and die

Find out how SOLIDWORKS has helped our customers design faster, smarter and stay ahead of the competition.

SOLIDWORKS in the Mould, tool and die industry.

The challenge:

A demanding economy is forcing mould makers to be even more creative while facing stiff global competition. Today’s customers insist on precision and durability, while also demanding shorter lead times and lower prices.

The solution:

Innova Systems work with a large number of successful companies in the mould, tool and die industries who benefit every day using a SOLIDWORKS software solution. Together with the extensive support offered as part of the Innova Systems customer package, SOLIDWORKS increases sales, improves product quality and design and lowers manufacturing costs – Whatever the size of your company.

Watch the video to see SOLIDWORKS in action at HVD

The right tools

SOLIDWORKS software provides the full range of integrated modeling, simulation, visualisation, and communication tools that mold, tool, & die manufacturers need to design better products faster at a lower cost.

The price is right

Automated bill of material (BOM) generation provides more accurate costing structures in your customer quotes.

Simulate for success

SOLIDWORKS Simulation helps you predict what might happen to a component when placed under certain stresses like elevated temperature/weight, allowing any modifications to be done without fuss.

Complex design? No problem!

SOLIDWORKS allows you to design complex geometry and large amounts of data into your product. You can be sure your design software will perform when working with complex or large designs.

Communicate and share

eDrawings allows the design to be quickly and securely communicated in 3D to any firm, regardless of their CAD platform. Even non-CAD users are able to interact with your model!

It's easy!

After a five day training course with our award-winning technical team, you’ll be up and running and ready to start being more productive with SOLIDWORKS.

Customer success story: Lynar Manufacturing

Based in Harlow, Lynar Manufacturing were established in 1963 and specialise in Wire Erosion and CNC Machining. They also provide everything from one-off prototypes to the production of thousands of single fully assembled components for every day production.

We talked recently to Lynar’s Tool and Design Manager, Sean Murrells, and Production Director, Gary Richens, about how SOLIDWORKS and Innova Systems have helped them take the business to the next level, slashing costs, improving visual communication and getting their components made right, first time.

Sean talk’s about the challenges faced when producing the tooling for a recent client project – an innovative window locking bracket for caravans. For more information on the design and build process of the Lock-M-Out bracket featured in the video, please click here.

Watch the video to see the Lynar Manufacturing story

SOLIDWORKS success story: ECCO

As the world’s largest manufacturer of emergency warning products, ECCO (Electronic Controls Company) depends on the development of high-quality, injection-moulded plastic parts. The company depends on the development of plastic injection-moulded parts using SOLIDWORKS to eliminate mould-related manufacturing issues, enhance lens optics performance and improve product aesthetics.

ECCO saw a 25-30% reduction in design review and approval time with SOLIDWORKS

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Best practice

Best practice

Designing moulds quickly, accurately and cost-effectively in with SOLIDWORKS

Injection moulding

Injection moulding

Accurate mould filling for plastic injection parts using SOLIDWORKS Plastics

How to choose?

How to choose?

Nine criteria for choosing a 3D CAD system

Upgrade to 3D

Upgrade to 3D

Best practice advice on upgrading from 2D cad to SOLIDWORKS

Suppliers of SOLIDWORKS to over 2,000 happy customers in a broad range of industries.

What you can expect when you partner with us.

Product support

From the best team in the business – recognised by SOLIDWORKS for having the best customer support in Northern Europe. You’re in safe hands and will be well looked after.


When you call, you’ll get straight through to a Technical Engineer, skilled in SOLIDWORKS and ready and willing to help you with the most simple or the most complex problem.

Software Upgrades

Your annual subscription keeps you connected with our support team. You’ll also be entitled to the latest version of SOLIDWORKS. Staying current means staying productive.


Our Engineers will help you transition from older 2D/3D CAD systems, or even teach you if you are new to 3D Design. Our knowledge and experience really makes a difference.


We can recomend the right hardware to purchase. This vital component underpins your investment in SOLIDWORKS, so it is really important you get the right advice.


Our experience can help you ensure the right implementation plan is defined for your team, ensuring your design and data management needs are met with a rapid return on investment.

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