CDP designing smarter thanks to SOLIDWORKS

Find out how long-standing customer and international design consultancy, CDP, are using SOLIDWORKS for product innovation and team collaboration in the exclusive interview. Watch the video below…

Cambridge Design Partnership (CDP), partners with multi-national and start-up companies to develop new products. With “improving lives through innovation” as their mission statement, they work in a variety of industries including healthcare, consumer goods and industrial sectors.

Headquartered just outside Cambridge, UK, CDP have helped create the first response monitors for medics to treat casualties and handheld navigation systems for professionals. These products, including many of CDP’s other products, have been designed using SOLIDWORKS, and Cambridge Design Partnership has been a customer of Innova Systems since 2006.

CDP more “dynamic and collaborative” thanks to SOLIDWORKS

Using SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD for product design is helping CDP to work “in a dynamic and collaborative way” said Mechanical Engineer, Jamie Davies. His team recently worked on a project to develop a new platform solution for therapy management named ‘Klaus’, and used SOLIDWORKS to model it “live” during client meetings. This meant CDP got instant feedback and could make amendments on the spot, helping them speed up the development and approval process.

We spoke to Design Engineer, Liam Connelly, who uses SOLIDWORKS on a daily basis. He says it’s “easy to use”, whilst still allowing him to design products at a the highest-quality level possible. With SOLIDWORKS, the team can quickly go from an idea, to modelling that idea using SOLIDWORKS CAD, and turning the idea into a real-life model using 3D printers.

CDP also use SOLIDWORKS Simulation to virtually test their clients’ products. Testing onscreen allows them to “simulate stresses, strains, and displacements” to discover how the product will work in real-life scenarios before prototyping or finishing the final product model. Being able to confidently make decisions while they design cuts down on development cycles, reduces waste and, ultimately, saves CDP money.

“SOLIDWORKS provides all the features that CDP need without overcomplicating things”

How CDP are delivering efficiency with SOLIDWORKS PDM

Using SOLIDWORKS PDM, CDP can securely store design data for fast retrieval. This eliminates concerns about version control and data loss, whilst enabling collaboration on designs with people inside and outside the organisation. Which again, facilitates that dynamic and collaborative working that is so important to the CDP ethos.

As you can see, SOLIDWORKS helps CDP to consistently deliver robust designs with maximum results. Not only that, they know Innova Systems are there when they need us with SOLIDWORKS training and 1:1 technical support on specific challenges. We look forward to a bright future with the CDP team!

Watch the CDP case study video to find out more

Watch the exclusive video interview with CDP

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