Adding watermarks in solidworks

How to add watermarks to a SOLIDWORKS Model

Elite Applications Engineer, Alex Aprigliano, shows you how easy it is to add watermarks to your SOLIDWORKS models in this video tutorial…

How to remove MOD-DIAM from SOLIDWORKS designs

How to remove MOD-DIAM from SOLIDWORKS designs

You may have noticed MOD-DIAM appearing on your SOLIDWORKS drawings and models instead of the Diameter symbol you wanted to show. This happens if the symbols library isn’t located properly by SOLIDWORKS. The good news is it’s very easy to fix, so let’s get started…

Innova Systems SolidWorks Subscription UK

Annual SOLIDWORKS subscription benefits

Our award winning team are here to make sure you get the most out of your investment in SOLIDWORKS as part of our SOLIDWORKS subscription service. But what exactly does an annual SOLIDWORKS Subscription get you?


How to run SOLIDWORKS on Apple Mac

Good news for users who wish to run SOLIDWORKS on an Apple Mac. We have now tried and tested a configuration that works really well! Our Technical Director, Ed Hawkins, talks about his current Mac set up…

SOLIDWORKS 2018 - Advanced Hole Callout

SOLIDWORKS 2018: Advanced Hole & Callout

You may already know how to create callouts for Hole Wizard holes, but did you know SOLIDWORKS 2018 lets you automatically create Callouts for an Advanced Hole? Follow this tutorial to find out how it works…

Innova Systems Technical Support Phil Downing Elite Applications Engineer

SOLIDWORKS Elite Applications Engineer Q&A

What is a SOLIDWORKS Elite Applications Engineer and what does it take to become one? We sat down with Elite Applications Engineer, Phil Downing, to find out…

SolidWorks 3D Models In Microsoft Office 365

SOLIDWORKS 3D models in Microsoft Office 365 docs

A recent update of Microsoft Office 365 means that you can now add your 3D models from SOLIDWORKS to Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint files and the process is pretty simple…


SOLIDWORKS Solar Access Study

We take a look at the Solar Access Study, which uses sunlight within a SOLIDWORKS model to ensure an accurate representation of shadows.

Performance Evaluation Tool

SOLIDWORKS Performance Evaluation Tool

The performance evaluation tool is available to use in parts, drawings and assemblies, but what is it and how does it work? Read on to find out…


The SOLIDWORKS Boundary Boss Base Tool

The SOLIDWORKS Boundary Boss Base tool is an often overlooked, but very useful tool. But what is it and how does it work? Find out now…

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