Free SOLIDWORKS CAD for Entrepreneurs & Startups

The SOLIDWORKS for Entrepreneurs Program offers qualifying early-stage hardware startups free SOLIDWORKS software, training, and co-marketing resources to help you succeed.

Starting a business from scratch can be hard. First you have to conceive and design a product, next you have to test it, then prepare it for manufacturing before launching your business and brand, not to mention the shoestring budget. That’s why the SOLIDWORKS for Entrepreneurs Program provides eligible early-stage companies with SOLIDWORKS software, training, and co-marketing resources to take your idea, turn it into a product and develop that product into your business.

What the SOLIDWORKS for Entrepreneurs Program offers you

Software: SOLIDWORKS for Entrepreneurs entitles you to up to three free SOLIDWORKS licenses for each relevant category. Innova Systems can help you to determine which SOLIDWORKS software could be most suitable for development of your product.

Training: SOLIDWORKS for Entrepreneurs also offers access to where you can get training, answers to your questions, learn more about all SOLIDWORKS products and stay connected with other users. During training, you can also receive design guidance from SOLIDWORKS engineers and technical managers through webinars.

Co-Marketing resources: SOLIDWORKS for Entrepreneurs will provide you with valuable marketing resources. You may be invited to participate in a range of co-marketing opportunities that will promote your product to the SOLIDWORKS Community of students, educators, designers and engineers, ranging from a blog post to a webinar or video. You could even be invited to speak at one of our user events or annual conferences.

Accelerator and incubator community

SOLIDWORKS for Entrepreneurs has teamed up with accelerators and incubators across the globe to support early-stage hardware startups. The Program also provides resources, including SOLIDWORKS software, training and mentoring for accelerators and incubators to help with the success of the resident companies.

How to apply for the SOLIDWORKS for Entrepreneurs Program

It’s pretty straightforward and we can help you with your application and any questions you may have.

The SOLIDWORKS for Entrepreneurs eligibility criteria is as follows:

  1. You must have less than $1 Million in funding and less than $1 Million in aggregate lifetime revenue
  2. Your product must be a physical product that can be designed and developed in SOLIDWORKS software
  3. Your product is to be manufactured after development
  4. You must have been in business for less than 3 years
  5. You are not currently a SOLIDWORKS customer

Approval: If accepted, The SOLIDWORKS for Entrepreneurs team will determine with you which SOLIDWORKS product(s) would be most suitable for developing your brand, product and business.

Entrepreneur agreement: The SOLIDWORKS for Entrepreneurs team will develop an entrepreneur agreement with you based on your goals and requirements. You will then review it together and both companies will sign it.

License order: After signing the SOLIDWORKS for Entrepreneurs agreement, the instructions for your license order will be sent to Innova Systems and we’ll install the software for you.

That’s it! Now you can start using SOLIDWORKS to design your product of tomorrow!

Click here to apply for the SOLIDWORKS for Entrepreneurs Program!

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