SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional

A step up from the Standard package, SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional extends the power to help with event based motion, frequency, buckling, drop test, Pressure vessel and thermal analysis

Extended power with SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional builds on the capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard, enabling engineers to determine product mechanical resistance, and natural frequencies, to test heat transfer and for buckling instabilities, and to analyse pressure vessels. All scenarios support complex loading arrangements.

You can optimise products for weight, vibration, or stability based on a range of physical and geometrical parameters. With tight integration and a consistent user interface across SOLIDWORKS solutions, you can use the powerful capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional early in the design process to maximise product quality and reduce costs.

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Powerful capabilities to speed your design process.

Thermal Simulation

Thermal Simulation helps to calculate the temperature distribution within a solid structure, due to the thermal inputs (heat loads), outputs (heat loss), and thermal barriers (thermal contact resistance) in your design.

Event Based Motion

Helps to understand machine operations, based on triggers and sensors that activate a machine sequence, such as a parcel being automatically sorted.

Design Optimisation

Helps to simplify structural optimisation with a goal-driven design approach to parametrically alter design geometry so that it meets defined structural goals.

Build and test your virtual assemblies.


Understanding a design’s buckling strength is important in predicting possible failure modes. Buckling analysis calculates the critical failure loads of slender structures under compression.


Understanding the natural frequency is important in predicting possible failure modes. Every design has its preferred frequencies of vibration, called resonant frequencies, and each such frequency is characterised by a specific shape (or mode) of vibration.

Drop Testing

In a drop test analysis, the time varying stresses and deformations due to an initial impact of the product with a rigid or flexible planar surface (the floor) are calculated. As the product deforms, secondary internal / external impacts are also calculated, locating critical weaknesses or failure points, as well as stresses and displacements.

Simulation for Pressure vessel design.

Pressure Vessel design

Pressure Vessel Design studies combine the results of static studies with desired factors (dead loads, live loads and thermal loads). Understand how your design could fail and use that information to design better, safer pressure vessels.

Meet industry standards

Results can be used to check conformity with various standards (ASME / BSI / ISO).

But which one is right for you?

It depends on what type of products you design, what type of functionality you need and the skills and experience you already have.

Use this SOLIDWORKS Simulation product matrix to compare features.

Product feature SOLIDWORKS Simulation StandardSim Stand. SOLIDWORKS Simulation ProfessionalSim Pro. SOLIDWORKS Simulation PremiumSim Prem.
+Ease of use
  • Easy to learn, easy to use
  • Embedded in SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD
  • Advanced online help
Yes Yes Yes
+Concurrent engineering
  • Full associativity with 3D design changes
  • Supports SOLIDWORKS configurations
  • SOLIDWORKS material properties support
Yes Yes Yes
+Finite element analysis
  • Solid, shell & beam modelling
  • H & P adaptive element types
  • Mesh control capabilities
  • Simplify model tool for meshing
  • Customisable material library
Yes Yes Yes
+Contacts and connectors
  • Bonded contact condition
  • Node to node surface condition
  • Surface to surface contact condition
  • Shrink fit condition
  • Virtual wall condition
  • Connectors: bolt/spring/pin/elastic & bearing support
  • Connectors safety check
Yes Yes Yes
+Post processing
  • Contour, iso surface, surface, section result plot
  • Probe tool
  • Design insight
  • Compare test data
  • List values on selected entities
  • Animation of results
Yes Yes Yes
  • Customisable simulation report
  • eDrawings of simulation results
Yes Yes Yes
+Linear static simulation for assembly
  • Structural behaviour of parts and assemblies
  • Structural loads
  • Temperature loading
  • Import flow/thermal effects
  • Calculation of stress, strain, displacement and FOS
  • Calculation of reaction forces and moments
Yes Yes Yes
+Time based mechanism motion simulation
  • Evaluate how products will perform throughout its operational cycle
Yes Yes Yes
+Design comparison studies
  • "What if" scenarios based on defined variables
Yes Yes Yes
+Trend tracker
  • Detect trends from different iterations of a study
Yes Yes Yes
+Fatigue simulation
  • Life expectancy under repeated loading
  • Theory of cumulative damage
  • Fatigue check plot
  • Outputs: life damage and FOS
Yes Yes Yes
+Topology studies
  • Perform structural topology studies during design to cut out costly prototypes, discover new minimal material design alternatives and reduce material costs.
Yes Yes
+Pressure vessel design simulation
  • Analyse parts and assemblies under pressure loading
  • Linear combination and sum of squares (SRSS)
Yes Yes
+2D simulation
  • Plane stress
  • Plane strain
  • Axisymmetric
Yes Yes
+Event based motion simulation
  • Create motion simulations based on process, not time
  • Trigger actions by completion of previous tasks
  • Create drives with real input control methods with servo motors
Yes Yes
+Advanced contacts and connectors
  • Thermal contact resistance condition
  • Insulated condition
  • Edge and spot weld connector
Yes Yes
+Frequency simulation
  • Analyse natural frequencies of parts and assemblies
  • Import flow/thermal effects
  • Load stiffening
Yes Yes
+Buckling or collapse simulation
  • Analyse slender structures for buckling factors and associated buckling mode shapes
  • Import flow/thermal effects
Yes Yes
+Structural thermal simulation
  • Easily study heat effects on your designs
  • Simulate thermal boundary conditions
  • Simulate fluid flow
  • Simulate thermal-structural interactions
  • Simulate radiation effects in high temp applications
Yes Yes
+Drop test simulation
  • Analyse impact of drop on part or assembly
  • Inputs: Drop height, gravity, velocity at impact
  • Outputs: stress, displacement and strains
Yes Yes
+Sub modelling simulation
  • Analyse structural resistance of sub model
Yes Yes
+Load case manager
  • Evaluate the effects of different load effects
Yes Yes
+Non linear simulation
  • Transient (time dependant) loads
  • Harmonic analysis
  • Random vibration analysis
  • Response spectrum analysis
+Dynamic simulation
  • Modal time history analysis
  • History analysis
  • Harmonic analysis
  • Random vibration analysis
  • Estimate component life based on dynamic testing
+Composites component simulation
  • Understand component responses with analysis of composite parts
  • Optimise material selection and orientation composite ply layer
  • Ensure product quality, performance and factor of safety

Undecided? Take a closer look at Standard and Premium.

SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software delivers powerful design functionality with an intuitive easy-to-use user interface to speed up your design process allowing you to be instantly more productive.

Subject your designs to “real world” stresses and strains. SOLIDWORKS Simulation is seamlessly integrated into the design software. Raise quality whilst reducing prototypes and testing costs.