SOLIDWORKS Surface Modelling training course.

Duration: 2 days | Classroom or online | Price on request.

Discover complex modelling and surfacing techniques

The SOLIDWORKS surface modelling course is a 2 day course aimed at engineers and designers who model products with complex shapes, often found in consumer products, moulded and/or cast parts. You will learn to produce free-form shapes using a wide range of surfacing tools. The type of surfaces covered vary from flat standalone surfaces to bridging surfaces with curvature continuity.

You will learn to work with hybrid models (partly solid, partly surface), and will acquire all the necessary techniques to produce parametric designs of ergonomic shapes. You will learn to transform those surface models into solid parts ready to be integrated into assemblies.

You will not only cover the official course curriculum but incorporate lots of tips and techniques on how to achieve smooth shapes with precision and efficiency. At the end of this course you will have an extended knowledge of the various techniques used for complex modelling and surfacing in SOLIDWORKS, allowing you to design robust and elegant products.

Before you attend the course…

Students attending this course are expected to have mechanical design experience and to have completed the SOLIDWORKS Essentials course.

Whilst the Advanced Part Modelling course is not a pre-requisite, it would certainly help you to get the most out of this surfacing course, so we recommend you attend that too. Get in touch if you want to discuss this with our experts.

Upcoming SOLIDWORKS Surface Modelling training courses.

Start date
Start date27th June 2024
Duration2 days

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