What’s new: SOLIDWORKS CAM 2021 updates

Applications Engineer, James Giddings, takes you through all the updates to SOLIDWORKS CAM 2021 in this video guide…

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Updates for SOLIDWORKS CAM 2021

As production scales you may need to expand your capabilities to include manufacturing. A recent re-design of this sensor mounting bracket is a perfect opportunity to put SOLIDWORKS CAM 2021 to work.

A default Stock ‘bounding box’ fits perfectly to the finished part. New in SOLIDWORKS CAM 2021, the ‘Pre-defined bounding box’ gives you the ability to represent standard rectangular stock. For example, a 6-inch piece of 6-inch wide 3/8-inch 6061 bar: Save, update, and share your “go-to” sizes through the Technology Database with the Automatic Feature Recognition, you can generate an initial strategy in under a minute.

This initial Toolpath simulation is looking good, let’s take a look inside this DRILL operation.

New in SOLIDWORKS CAM 2021, you can define peck parameters with respect to tool diameter, or flute length. More control of point to point operations like drilling lets me capture best practices robustly. Of course, the Technology Database stores how you want to do this in the shop and that means your preferences become the next defaults.

As it turns out, there’s a supply on hand of an 8-inch wide bar. I will make the changes to save that pre-defined stock to my TechDB. In SOLIDWORKS CAM 2021, a new Prompt for Rebuild is presented when Stock is modified. Everything from my coordinate system feature to the thread operations need to rebuilt, and you’re more aware of exactly what’s updating in your program.

Speaking of updates, how about swapping in round material instead? New in SOLIDWORKS CAM 2021: Cylindrical stock is generated automatically. CAM will fit a minimum diameter and thickness, and with a few changes you can see what this program looks like with 8″ aluminium. If you share your posts between programmers, no one needs to be hunting around their C Drive!

A new setting in the Tech DB for 2021 provides the option to specify a default Post folder, pretty handy to keep you updated when folder locations change.

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