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Find out how SOLIDWORKS has helped companies design faster, smarter and stay ahead of the competition.

SOLIDWORKS in the Process & Plant industry.

The challenge:

In a global economy, building plants and processing systems has become more challenging than ever. Competition is fierce and capital is tight, so the need to control costs, ensure quality, and speed delivery is critical to your success.

The solution:

SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software can help you develop, coordinate and deliver on-time and within budget. SOLIDWORKS can help you create visuals that make for solid, information rich proposals. Win bids by effectively communicating design intent and responding to opportunities quickly.

Together with the extensive support offered as part of the Innova Systems customer package, SOLIDWORKS increases sales, improves product quality and design and lowers manufacturing costs – Whatever the size of your company.

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Design libraries

Take advantage of design libraries to use the exact parts that you source from third-party manufacturers.

See it to believe it

Visualise an entire system or plant in 3D to gain the confidence that all systems will work together. discover any clearance or interference issues and where piping, cabling and other utilities like conduit can be run.

Right first time

Validation and simulation tools can help you to avoid design errors that result in costly modifications. Avoid surprises by using simulation tools to test structural loads, fluid flows, temperatures and much more.

Faster, smarter design

SOLIDWORKS can eliminate manual approaches to documentation production. Create engineering drawings, manuals, bills of materials and 3D images/animations with ease.

Save money

SOLIDWORKS can help you control costs by optimising material usage, avoiding mistakes, and gauging operational energy costs.

It's easy!

After a five day training course with our award-winning technical team, you’ll be up and running and ready to start being more productive with SOLIDWORKS.

Customer success story: Consul UK

Consul UK chooses SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD for the design and development of a large scale mult-million pound recycling plant; meeting demanding deadlines and addressing complex technical issues.

As the dramatic effects of climate change are being realised and organisations around the world look to reduce the impact of their operations on the environment, it is becoming clear that recycling is one of the best and most effective means of reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions. Recycling also preserves scarce natural resources, saves water and reduces pollution and our dependence on landfill. In addition, design and manufacturing companies must be compliant with the UK’s WEE Directive; which aims to both reduce the amount of electrical and electronic equipment being produced and to encourage reuse and recycling.

Customer success story: Meltech Ltd

Meltech Ltd based near Cambridge and Wolverhampton has built a successful business around the design and refurbishment of electric induction heating and melting furnaces for the foundry industry, but the introduction of new European regulations regarding Electromagnetic Field Emissions resulted in a shift for the company to start designing new equipment.

SOLIDWORKS success story: KLJ

KLJ is a leading engineering and facilities planning company that brings multidisciplinary expertise to factory, plant, and facility projects of various types. Founded in 1938, KLJ has provided engineering-based services to local, regional, and national infrastructure projects.

  • Using: SOLIDWORKS Premium, SOLIDWORKS Composer, SOLIDWORKS Certified Gold Partner Smap3D Plant Design
  • Improved realism of facility designs, clarity of documentation
  • Shortened time required to make design changes
  • Automated generation of isometric drawings, renderings & exploded views
  • Increased 3D modelling power for plant design

SOLIDWORKS success story: Emak Refining & Recycling

Emak Refining & Recycling was founded in 1978 in the Çemberlitas district of Istanbul, Turkey. Since its founding, Emak Refining & Recycling has produced many machines for use in refining precious metals and recycling catalytic converters.

  • Using SOLIDWORKS Premium, SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation
  • Increased production speed by up to 50 percent
  • Gained marketing advantage with SOLIDWORKS rendering
  • Increased profitability

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Streamline process and plant design using SOLIDWORKS

Flow Simulation

Flow Simulation

Gas mixing processes: Fluid dynamics with SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation



Best practice advice on upgrading from 2D CAD to SOLIDWORKS

Design and test

Design and test

3D design and physical testing with SOLIDWORKS

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“We have really valued Innova’s support. They have always been very responsive and have always invested the time to understand our issues and to help us achieve our goals. Their engineers also have real-world engineering experience, which has been an important factor in helping them to understand what we have been trying to achieve.”

Oliver Brigginshaw, Amarinth Pumps.

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Product support

From the best team in the business – recognised by SOLIDWORKS for having the best customer support in Northern Europe. You’re in safe hands and will be well looked after.


When you call, you’ll get straight through to a Technical Engineer, skilled in SOLIDWORKS and ready and willing to help you with the most simple or the most complex problem.

Software Upgrades

Your annual subscription keeps you connected with our support team. You’ll also be entitled to the latest version of SOLIDWORKS. Staying current means staying productive.


Our Engineers will help you transition from older 2D/3D CAD systems, or even teach you if you are new to 3D Design. Our knowledge and experience really makes a difference.


We can recomend the right hardware to purchase. This vital component underpins your investment in SOLIDWORKS, so it is really important you get the right advice.


Our experience can help you ensure the right implementation plan is defined for your team, ensuring your design and data management needs are met with a rapid return on investment.

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