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Delta Systems swap AutoCAD for SOLIDWORKS

We sat down with Martyn Eliff, veteran AutoCAD user and Design Office Manager at Delta Systems to talk about the past, present and future of his design career and his ongoing partnership with Innova Systems…

Autodesk Subscription vs SolidWorks Innova Systems

Autodesk subscription vs SOLIDWORKS license

With the news of a compulsory subscription model being enforced by Autodesk (and a 38% price increase over the next 3 years), is it time for you to start thinking about a switch to SOLIDWORKS?


Innova and SOLIDWORKS help Thomson Rail

Thomson Rail Equipment has specialised in the design and manufacture of specialised rail equipment for ten years. Design work was initially completed with a low cost 2d design package and rapidly moving on to AutoCad 2D.


Ben Harker gets the job done with SOLIDWORKS

Graphically seductive – usability is exceptional”. These were the words of praise for SOLIDWORKS from Ben Harker, veteran CAD designer and Managing Director of Harker Systems. Ben trained as a naval architect and then went on to specialise in 3D modelling and mechanical design with a specific expertise in electro-mechanical mechanisms.


Fox International angling equipment

Each week tens of thousands of anglers spread across the globe go fishing using Fox International tackle. With brands in the coarse, match, carp, predator and sea markets, Fox International is firmly established as one of the leading tackle manufacturers in Europe.


SOLIDWORKS helps Cool Gear with bottle designs

Cool Gear International designs, manufactures, and markets an innovative line of freezer bottles, storage containers, and entertaining products that use a reusable “freezer gel” to keep drinks and food cold longer.


SOLIDWORKS at Lordgate Engineering

Lordgate Engineering manufactures precision formed and fabricated parts for the Civilian aerospace, Railway, Military, Medical and electronic industries. Find out how they use SOLIDWORKS in their design process.


Armtrac swap AutoCAD for SOLIDWORKS

On the outskirts of Cambridge, in the sleepy village of Burwell lies Armtrac Ltd. – a company that designs and manufactures heavily-armoured mechanical demining machinery. Their products are used all over the world in areas contaminated with landmines and other explosives.

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