SOLIDWORKS 2017 SP5 Hotfix instructions

If you plan on sticking with SOLIDWORKS 2017 SP5 and are affected by any of the issues below, you’ll be pleased to hear that the team at SOLIDWORKS have created a hotfix…

If you plan on sticking with SOLIDWORKS 2017 SP5 and are affected by any of the issues below, you’ll be pleased to hear that the SOLIDWORKS development team have created a hotfix.

Having issues with any of the following?

  • Derived Configurations (sub configurations) are not visible in Modify Configurations and Insert Component window in SOLIDWORKS 2017 SP5 if the file was saved (created) in SOLIDWORKS 2017 SP1, SP2, SP3
  • Inserting a toolbox screw over a countersunk hole corrupts the mates of the part over which the toolbox component is being placed (parts are rotating in the assembly when you try to insert components from the toolbox)
  • An assembly mirrored feature disappears when you switch to assembly drawing

How to apply the SOLIDWORKS 2017 SP5 hotfix

Step one: Firstly, you’ll need to visit the customer portal and sign in. Next, select ‘Knowledge Base’ and use the search term “hotfix 2017 Sp5”. You’ll find the hotfix under S-074266 (see below). Download this hotfix file set and proceed to step two.


SOLIDWORKS 2017 SP5 Hotfix


Step two: You’ll need to shut SOLIDWORKS down, so save anything you’re currently working on and close SOLIDWORKS. If you don’t do this, the hotfix will shut down SOLIDWORKS for you and you’ll lose whatever you’re working on!

Step three: Run the hotfix .exe file and extract the contents to the default location by clicking ‘Unzip’.


SOLIDWORKS 2017 SP5 Hotfix


Step four: This step requires administrator permission, so ask your IT department for assistance if you don’t have it. When you’re ready, simply select ‘Yes’ to “allow this app to make changes to your device”.


SOLIDWORKS 2017 SP5 Hotfix


Step five: Next you will get a message about installing the hotfix and needing to close any windows of SOLIDWORKS that are currently open. Select ‘Yes’ to continue.


SOLIDWORKS 2017 SP5 Hotfix


Step six: After the installation completes you’ll see the message below. We recommend rebooting your machine straight away if you can.


SOLIDWORKS 2017 SP5 Hotfix


After rebooting everything should be resolved. However, if you’re struggling to install the hotfix (and have an annual subscription contract), we recommend giving your reseller a call for assistance. If you’re an Innova Systems customer you can contact us here.


We hope you found that useful!

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