SOLIDWORKS Visualize and Composer introduction

Find out how you can use SOLIDWORKS Visualize and Composer to promote your product designs – before committing to manufacture. Better yet, get the marketing team to do it for you…

You’re a designer with project deadlines to meet, but its becoming increasingly difficult, because marketing are constantly asking you to produce photorealistic renders, exploded views and animations – rather than doing your job, designing! SOLIDWORKS is superb at producing these high quality assets, which is why these tasks have become your responsibility, but perhaps you really don’t have the time to do it, or maybe you don’t have the same creative eye as the marketing team.

What if you could enable marketing to produce this content themselves?

Better yet, what if they could start producing this documentation earlier in the design cycle?

As you may already know, Photoview 360 enables you to create photorealistic images and animations directly within the SOLIDWORKS Professional & Premium interface, but did you know that there’s a more advanced, standalone rendering tool called SOLIDWORKS Visualize, which is also included with SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium licenses on active subscription?

SOLIDWORKS Visualize is extremely easy to use; Simply open your SOLIDWORKS model, set up the camera, paint your model and hit ‘Render’.

High quality Animations are available in SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional, too – the results are truly superb! What’s more, SOLIDWORKS Visualize doesn’t have to be installed on the same machine as your SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD license, which means other teams in your business (marketing, sales etc) are free to install and use it on their own workstations using the intuitive “Easy Mode”, which is called up by a simple press of the keyboard space bar.

Solidworks Composer Visualize Tutorial Video Innova Systems UK Reseller

Need more than photorealistic renders and animations?

Step forward SOLIDWORKS Composer – the perfect tool for producing images for instruction manuals and other technical documentation. Now you can create high resolution and vector based images complete with arrows, bills of materials and other annotations that add clarity to what you are trying to convey. You can also host these images on your website and build links to the next instruction or direct your customer to a web page of your choosing. This makes it extremely easy for your customers to interact with Composer. The key thing here is that you can include BOM arrows and other annotations within your final video output.

Taking it a step further, you can share a 3D file with your customers that they can interact with using the (free to download) SOLIDWORKS Composer player tool. Alternatively, you can embed your 3D file within a web page for their perusal.

Regardless of whether you’re using SOLIDWORKS Composer or SOLIDWORKS Visualize, there’s always a link to the original SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD file. This means you are well equipped for any design changes – Simply use the update tool to capture the change in the SOLIDWORKS model and re-publish your content. This also means you can start producing this documentation earlier in the design process.


SOLIDWORKS Visualize and Composer Innova Systems Uk Reseller


So, you’ve enabled marketing to create their own photorealistic renders using SOLIDWORKS Visualize and technical documentation using SOLIDWORKS Composer. Not only that, they’ve been able to create the documentation earlier in the design process meaning deadlines have been met. If you have SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD Professional or Premium with an active subscription you can start using SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard today. For SOLIDWORKS Composer, more information can be found here.

Video: SOLIDWORKS Visualize and Composer in action

Video: SOLIDWORKS Visualize and Composer introduction

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