SOLIDWORKS Activation Transaction Failed (fix)

You may come across this error message once in a while when trying to transfer your SOLIDWORKS license. Here’s what our technical support team do to remedy the situation…

SolidWorks For Entrepreneurs Innova Systems Uk SolidWorks Reseller

Free SOLIDWORKS CAD for Entrepreneurs & Startups

The SOLIDWORKS for Entrepreneurs Program offers qualifying early-stage hardware startups free SOLIDWORKS software, training, and co-marketing resources to help you succeed.

SolidWorks Macro Button How To Tutorial

SOLIDWORKS Macro button “how to” tutorial

Save yourself time and effort by setting up a SOLIDWORKS Macro button. Find out what it is and how to set one up in our SOLIDWORKS Macro button tutorial…

Halloween Pumpkin SolidWorks Tutorial

Halloween Pumpkin SOLIDWORKS Tutorial

Like all good Engineers, we were never top of the class in arts and crafts, so for this year’s Halloween we’ve decided to carve our office pumpkin using the world’s best 3D CAD package, SOLIDWORKS.

Lighting Design Using SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD

Lighting design using SOLIDWORKS (Video)

Take a look at this short video to find out how SOLIDWORKS can help you develop more efficient, visually appealing lights, faster than ever before…

The SolidWorks Bounding Box tool

SOLIDWORKS 2018: The Bounding Box tool

Useful when working with weldments in SOLIDWORKS, The Bounding Box tool is a very useful bit of functionality. Find out how to use it to your advantage in this handy tutorial…

Copied properties in derived & mirrored files

Copied properties in derived & mirrored files

There have been a few simple but significant improvements in SOLIDWORKS 2018 that improve how SOLIDWORKS handles properties copied from a source file into the derived file.

3DXpert SolidWorks 3D Printing add-in

3DXpert for 3D Printing in SOLIDWORKS

SOLIDWORKS have partnered with 3D Systems on a new 3D Printing add-in called 3DXpert. Read on to find out what it does and how you can get it…

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