Autodesk subscription vs SOLIDWORKS license

With the news of a compulsory subscription model being enforced by Autodesk (and a 38% price increase over the next 3 years), is it time for you to start thinking about a switch to SOLIDWORKS?

What are the Autodesk subscription changes?

You may have already heard that Autodesk is to raise the price of existing perpetual license plans by over 38% by 2019, phased over three annual price rises. In addition, did you know that Autodesk has now stopped selling perpetual licences entirely? The implication of this is that if you need more licenses, you are forced to purchase Autodesk subscription-based “pay as you go” licenses and if you decide not to pay, you lose access to all of your work.

It’s a big shock and has angered many users, attracting considerable criticism on third party forums. Ultimately, users don’t like to be forced down a route they don’t want or need. Flexibility and choice is key for customers. With this in mind, maybe it’s a good time to have a look at other options, and clearly SOLIDWORKS would be the natural choice, as it the most widely used 3D CAD system for professionals in the world.

SOLIDWORKS is proven to deliver a robust return on investment, ensuring users are up to speed quickly and designing great products to give your business the competitive edge. We understand that cost will be important, so we’ve worked out some compelling pricing to make it VERY affordable to move to SOLIDWORKS.

Is it time to switch CAD tools?

  • Are you unhappy with the compulsory Autodesk subscription policy?
  • Are more of your customers and suppliers using SOLIDWORKS?
  • Do you struggle to find quality engineers with Autodesk experience?
  • Are your designers spending too much time searching for drawings/parts?
  • Have you noticed your Autodesk reseller’s level of service decline?

Have you seen SOLIDWORKS lately?

  • SOLIDWORKS is a full set of CAD tools that work concurrently
  • SOLIDWORKS offers an elegant and intuitive user interface – concentrate on designing, not the software
  • SOLIDWORKS offers a mature support network and a huge, active community of passionate users
  • SOLIDWORKS handles large assemblies much better than Autodesk
  • Subscription or Perpetual license available – you decide!
  • Ask us for a free trial of SOLIDWORKS

Work on Autodesk files with SOLIDWORKS 3D Interconnect

More and more of your peers are switching to SOLIDWORKS

SolidWorks Vs Autodesk-Inventor Autocad Subscription Perpetual License Infographic


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