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Understanding Bend Allowance Options in SOLIDWORKS

When working in sheet metal, we need to be able take a folded sheet, flatten it, and have an accurate size flat pattern. In SOLIDWORKS this is achieved by selecting the relevant bend allowance options in the Sheet Metal tool. The three main options that you will select between are:

Custom cross hatch SOLIDWORKS tutorial

If you apply a material to a component – and then section that component – the default cross hatch for that material is applied to it. If you have no material applied, a default cross hatch is applied. Read on to find out how it works.

Drones: Not Just for the Sky Anymore

Everyone is talking about drones. Privacy advocates are concerned that drones will become an extension of “Big Brother.” Governments are reviewing drone legislation. Amazon, most famously, is looking into drones for deliveries.


The SolidNetwork Licence Manager (SNL) adds significant flexibility to the way organisations can use their SOLIDWORKS licences, but this flexibility can be customised and extended further using the SNL options file.

How to view SOLIDWORKS files without SOLIDWORKS

If you ever need to share SOLIDWORKS models with members of an extended team who don’t use SOLIDWORKS themselves, don’t panic. SOLIDWORKS offers a free and easy solution for this in the form of eDrawings Viewer.

An Introduction to In-context Part Editing with SOLIDWORKS

When you are designing components that need to fit together, it is sometimes difficult to understand what shape they need to be. The standard approach is adding the components into an assembly and then measuring one against another to understand if what you have produced will fit together. Let’s take a look at how it should be done.

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