Default SOLIDWORKS keyboard shortcuts

There are a number of handy keyboard shortcuts in SOLIDWORKS which can be used to speed up your workflow. These are a few of the shortcuts the team at Innova Systems use on a daily basis.

Have you ever watched an expert SOLIDWORKS Application Engineer using SOLIDWORKS? If so you might have noticed them clicking all over the screen, hitting random buttons, moving parts and bringing up features at speed with seemingly little effort and thought “how the hell did they do that?!”. The simple answer is: Default SOLIDWORKS keyboard shortcuts!

Just like any other Windows-based program, there are plenty of common commands available, such as Ctrl+Z to undo or Ctrl+A to select, but there loads of SOLIDWORKS-specific commands that we use every day here in the Innova Systems office. We’ve put together a list of the most useful default SOLIDWORKS keyboard shortcuts that you can start using right away. It’s well worth learning these, as they will speed up your workflow no end. Once you’ve learnt all these you can even configure and customise to your hearts content. That’s another blog post entirely though.

So without further ado, let’s take a look our most useful default SOLIDWORKS keyboard shortcuts…

View shortcuts

Can be used to view your model in different ways, e.g. rotating to standard orientations:

  • Zoom Out: Z
  • Zoom In: Shift+Z
  • Rotate Normal To: Ctrl+8
  • Zoom to Fit: F/Double click MMB
  • Magnified Selection: G
  • 6 standard views + isometric: Ctrl+1-7

SolidWorks View Keyboard Shortcuts

Selection filters

Selection filters let you select only those items defined by the filter currently in use:

  • Toggle Selection Filters  on/off: F6
  • Toggle Selection Filter Toolbar: F5
  • Filter Faces: X
  • Filter Vertices: V
  • Filter Edges: E

SolidWorks Selection Filters Keyboard Shortcuts

User Interface

Use these to navigate around the SOLIDWORKS interface easier:

  • Commands search: W
  • Expand/Collapse Tree: C
  • Browse Recent Documents: R
  • Hide/Show Display Pane: F8
  • Repeat Last Command: Enter
  • Switch Windows: Ctrl+Tab

SolidWorks User Interface-Ui Keyboard Shortcuts

Tools & toolbars

Possibly the most useful shortcuts. Use them to access the various SOLIDWORKS toolbars – Most of which are context sensitive:

  • Selection Breadcrumbs/Confirmation Corner: D
  • Mouse Gestures Wheel: Right click & Drag
  • Sketch Line: L
  • Orientation toolbar: Spacebar
  • Shortcut Bar: S

SolidWorks Tools Toolbars Keyboard Shortcuts

Model controls

A select group of shortcuts which deal with various functions associated with the manipulation of your 3D model:

  • Hide the Hovered-over Component/Bodies: Tab
  • Show the Hovered-over Component/Bodies: Shift+Tab
  • Force Regen: Ctrl+Q
  • Show all the hidden Components/Bodies: Ctrl+Shift+Tab
  • Rotate Model: Arrow keys

SolidWorks Model Controls Keyboard Shortcuts

SOLIDWORKS keyboard shortcuts in action – watch the video:

We hope you found that useful!

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