What’s new: SOLIDWORKS 2021 User Interface

Elite Applications Engineer, Adam Rose, shows you to how the SOLIDWORKS 2021 UI gives you the right tools, in the right place, exactly when you need them…

[Video Transcript]

Customising your user interface is often a balance between minimising clutter and having the right tools accessible when you need them. With the SOLIDWORKS 2021 User Interface, you no longer have to choose.

To complete this part, we need to cut and pattern this sketch. However, the sketch and part colour are similar. Changing these colour settings has always been available, but in SOLIDWORKS 2021 a column of representative colours is shown, making it easy to find the item you’d like to change. Let’s use the colour green to make sketches more visible.

Also new in the SOLIDWORKS 2021 User Interface is the ability to collapse the ‘Command Manager’ allowing you to reclaim as much screen area as possible. Moving the ‘Quick Access Tools’ to the ‘Command Manager’ further reduces extra icons and helps you focus on your design.

All tools are still available using the tabs at the top of the screen, but a faster way to work is to use the s-key keyboard shortcut. However, it doesn’t yet have the pattern command we need…No problem! Simply search for the command, then drag and drop it on the shortcut toolbar.

This is a convenient way to customise any area of the SOLIDWORKS 2021 user interface, including the ‘Heads Up Display’ toolbar. Now that we’ve set up our shortcut bar, finishing our design is quick and simple. Notice how little the mouse moves to create this cut and then sketch and pattern it around the centre hole.

Making a mistake is easy to correct using ‘Undo’ and, now with SOLIDWORKS 2021, ‘Redo’ is more complete, allowing you to redo feature edits. This means that if you accidentally ‘Undo’ a feature, you won’t have to spend extra time re-creating it.

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