SOLIDWORKS Term License information and price (UK)

Take a look at our in-depth guide and find out the price and everything else you need to know about the SOLIDWORKS Term License…

In an effort to offer full flexibility to it’s 3.1 million users (and counting), SOLIDWORKS rental is now available as part of the new SOLIDWORKS ‘Term License’ offering.  Of course, the perpetual license is still available from Innova Systems, just like it always was, but now the choice is yours. This is in stark contrast to other CAD systems like Autodesk or PTC Creo where you are only given the rental option.

So what’s it all about and how much does a SOLIDWORKS Term License cost? Take a look at our in-depth guide to this new offering and find out everything you need to know about the SOLIDWORKS Term License.

What are the min/max length Term Licenses?

SOLIDWORKS Term License products are available in 6 month and 1 year terms.

What SOLIDWORKS software is available on a Term License?

What are the payment terms?

All prices are exclusive of VAT and payment is required upfront.

Are SOLIDWORKS Term License products available on SNL?

No. SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing products are only available as standalone licenses (product activation).

How many machines can I use a single SOLIDWORKS Term License on?

A Term License may only be active on one machine. To move your software from your current computer to a new computer, you will have to use the license transfer functionality inside SOLIDWORKS (Help > Transfer License).

Am I entitled to SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard and SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard with a Term License of SOLIDWORKS Professional or Premium?

Yes. SOLIDWORKS Term License customers enjoy the same benefits as SOLIDWORKS perpetual license customers, meaning SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard and SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard will be included with SOLIDWORKS Professional or SOLIDWORKS Premium Term Licenses. And in those instances, all products (SOLIDWORKS, Visualize Standard and PDM Standard) will all have the same expiration date.

Does a SOLIDWORKS Term License include access to

Yes, SOLIDWORKS Term License customers have access to My.SOLIDWORKS Professional with one user per Term License asset.

How are SOLIDWORKS Term Licenses installed?

SOLIDWORKS Term License products are installed like any other SOLIDWORKS standalone products. Customers need to run the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager and enter their Serial Number(s). During the activation process, Term License products will only be activated for the length of the Term License (6 months or 1 year + the appropriate grace period).

What services/support level do Term License users get?

SOLIDWORKS Term License customers have access to the same benefits and services as SOLIDWORKS subscription customers: Technical support, knowledge base, software upgrades and enhancements, customer portal and

Please note: these benefits are applicable only for the length of the Term License and if customers want uninterrupted support, they only need to renew (or repurchase) their Term License.

Can I downgrade SOLIDWORKS Term Licenses?

No. SOLIDWORKS Term Licenses cannot be downgraded during the length of the term. Customers wishing to downgrade must wait until the end of their term before downgrading their products.

Can I upgrade SOLIDWORKS Term Licenses?

Yes. Customers can upgrade their SOLIDWORKS Term License at any time during the length of their term.

Can I run a SOLIDWORKS perpetual license add-in product with a Term License of SOLIDWORKS?

Yes. You can run a perpetual license of an add-in with a Term License of SOLIDWORKS CAD as long as the Term License of SOLIDWORKS is not expire and the add-in is licensed independently of SOLIDWORKS CAD or SOLIDWORKS SimulationFor example, you can run a perpetual license of SOLIDWORKS Plastics with a Term License of SOLIDWORKS CAD. Similarly, you can run a Term License of SOLIDWORKS Simulation with a perpetual license of SOLIDWORKS CAD. However, you cannot run a perpetual license of SOLIDWORKS Routing with a Term License of SOLIDWORKS Standard.

Can SOLIDWORKS Term License users collaborate with colleagues or customers using traditional perpetual licenses?

Yes. SOLIDWORKS Term License products are no different to their traditional perpetual license counterparts –the only exception being that the activation has an end date. Therefore all file formats are compatible and a company can use a mix of SOLIDWORKS Perpetual and SOLIDWORKS Term License products.

Are files created using SOLIDWORKS Term License products watermarked?

No. It works in exactly the same way as the perpetual license.

Can you convert a Term License to a perpetual license?

No. Term Licenses only grant access to SOLIDWORKS software for a specific period of time and they cannot be converted to a perpetual license. To purchase a perpetual license, customers must contact their local authorised reseller.

Is the SOLIDWORKS Term License right for me?

It’s a good question and one that can be hard to answer as everyone has different requirements.

Put simply, Term Licensing is a great offering for companies with a short term design requirement or start-ups who need to preserve cash during the early stages of developing the business. But remember, you are effectively renting the license – You don’t own it, so you will need to consider how you will access design data after the term has expired.

If developing new products is likely to play a longer term part of your business, a perpetual SOLIDWORKS license is more cost effective over 4 years and more affordable to maintain from that point. Importantly, with Perpetual, you own the license forever.

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