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How to run SOLIDWORKS on Apple Mac

Good news for users who wish to run SOLIDWORKS on an Apple Mac. We have now tried and tested a configuration that works really well! Our Technical Director, Ed Hawkins, talks about his current Mac set up…


Innova and SOLIDWORKS help Thomson Rail

Thomson Rail Equipment has specialised in the design and manufacture of specialised rail equipment for ten years. Design work was initially completed with a low cost 2d design package and rapidly moving on to AutoCad 2D.


Using a map file when exporting to DXF/DWG

If you are looking to export a SOLIDWORKS drawing to DXF/DWG, it’s not necessarily just a case of saving as DXF/DWG. There are more considerations to be taken such as version, scale and layers. There are various things that can be controlled when going to Options within the save as dialogue.


Line thicknesses in SOLIDWORKS explained

We have found that some customers have been a little confused by line thicknesses. Specifically the line thickness displayed in SOLIDWORKS versus the line thickness that is printed. Below is a guide that explains the process.


Fenland Leisure prove SOLIDWORDS is Childs Play

When Fenland Leisure made a leap of faith and decided to invest in advanced 3D design technology, little did they know that soon their children would be entertaining themselves by creating 3D graphics using a very similar software created by the same organisation.


BigBelly Solar develop innovative bins with SOLIDWORKS

It’s an unsightly spectacle that’s all-too familiar, bins overflowing with rubbish, littering the landscape from city streets to local beaches with mountains of plastic bottles, newspapers, take-away meal containers and everything in between.

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