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How to run SOLIDWORKS on Apple Mac

Good news for users who wish to run SOLIDWORKS on an Apple Mac. We have now tried and tested a configuration that works really well! Our Technical Director, Ed Hawkins, talks about his current Mac set up…

Using blocks to create mechanisms in SOLIDWORKS

SOLIDWORKS is a great program for testing the validity of your mechanical designs, the program is built to make designing mechanisms as easy as possible. However, you may find that due to the complexity of some of your designs this can be a time consuming process if designing all the parts one by one…

Planes, trains and…bicycles?

We’re always amazed at how much influence SOLIDWORKS has on our lives, so we were interested to read how the design of the new family of Class 800 series trains from Hitachi – which constitute a step change in improved capacity, reliability and reduced environmental impact has been touched by SOLIDWORKS.

Customise the Command Manager for common tasks

If you find yourself drilling down into menus all the time to find a command that you use on a regular basis, why not use the customization feature to modify the tool bars so any commands you use regularly are right at your fingertips?

Drawing zone lines in SOLIDWORKS 2015

One of our favourite features introduced in SOLIDWORKS 2015 was zone lines. Most drawing borders I have seen include a grid style referencing on them – so around the border would be number and letters creating a grid. It would be good drawing practice to include the grid reference in any revisions you made, or for locating detail or section views. Prior to the 2015 release, this grid location would need to be added manually.

Using a map file when exporting to DXF/DWG

If you are looking to export a SOLIDWORKS drawing to DXF/DWG, it’s not necessarily just a case of saving as DXF/DWG. There are more considerations to be taken such as version, scale and layers. There are various things that can be controlled when going to Options within the save as dialogue.

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