SolidWorks FeatureWorks Step File 3D Interconnect Issue

FeatureWorks missing? Can’t edit STEP files?

We’ve had a number of calls since the release of SOLIDWORKS 2018 on neutral file format importing – more specifically issues with .STEP and Parasolid files being un-editable. If you’ve seen this or do this on a regular basis then read on…

How to install the SOLIDWORKS PDM Client

How to install the SOLIDWORKS PDM client

The PDM Client is the software which lets you access the PDM Standard/Professional environment from a windows explorer interface known as the Local Vault View. Find out how to install it correctly…

How to access your SOLIDWORKS PDM Vault

How to access your SOLIDWORKS PDM Vault

If you’ve recently got a new computer or had your old one rebuilt for you, you may have been given it and told all software is installed, only to find that your PDM Vault is missing. Elite Applications Engineer, David Durston, shows you how to regain access…

Misaligned Mate SolidWorks

SOLIDWORKS 2018: The Misaligned Mate

Read our step by step tutorial to find out how you can make use of the new Misaligned Mates functionality introduced in SOLIDWORKS 2018.

3D Sketch Mirroring SolidWorks 2018 Tutorial Innova Systems UK Reseller

SOLIDWORKS 2018: 3D Sketch Mirroring

Following feedback from users, the new 3D Sketch Mirroring tool has been added to SOLIDWORKS 2018, but what is it and how does it work? Find out now…

Solidworks Composer Visualize Tutorial Video Innova Systems UK Reseller

SOLIDWORKS Visualize and Composer introduction

Find out how you can use SOLIDWORKS Visualize and Composer to promote your product designs – before committing to manufacture. Better yet, get the marketing team to do it for you…

SOLIDWORKS 2018 - Advanced Hole Callout

SOLIDWORKS 2018: Advanced Hole & Callout

You may already know how to create callouts for Hole Wizard holes, but did you know SOLIDWORKS 2018 lets you automatically create Callouts for an Advanced Hole? Follow this tutorial to find out how it works…

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